Winschoten Park – My favorite place

So one of my favorite things in the Netherlands are the places you can go to for a walk. Luckily for me, there are many places here in Winschoten to go and walk. This blog is to talk about my all time favorite place to walk.

Winschoten Park

No snow winter Winschoten Park
Park in the Winter (no snow)

The park is absolutely beautiful, all year round. Me and Irdy go here on many occasions, either by ourselves or with our lovely furry companion Spike. It’s just such a wonderful scenic area.

Summer winschoten park 1
The lake in the park

The walk itself takes maybe 30-50 minutes, depending on how fast you pace yourself, whether or not you have a dog. You walk around this massive lake in the middle of the park, which looks stunning. I still remember the very first time going here with Irdy about a year and a half ago, and I was shocked with the beauty of the area. I went completely zen.

trees winschoten park
Trees in the park

There are loads of trees surrounding the lake which you walk under, and then you come across the area which Irdy kindly refers to as “the Savannah.” This is an area where it’s just a big grassy field on one side, and the lake on the other. It’s lovely.

savannah Winschoten Park
The Savannah in the park

One part of the park I find amusing, is the “wobbly bridge.” Just like the name suggests, it’s a wobbly bridge. I will pop a video of said wobbly bridge in this post, since that will best describe what it is.

What I also love about walking in this park is that on many occasions, you will find animals. The main ones you will find in the park itself are the geese, and sometimes cows in the fields. One time we were here, there was a puppy who was not on a leash and started chasing the geese! He was an adorable dog though, super friendly.

geese in winschoten park
Geese in the park

There is also a petting zoo inside this park that tends to be open during the spring/summer times of the year, with beautiful animals like sheep, goats, pigs, even donkeys! They are beautiful. I will link a video of said petting zoo in this blog!

You can then decide to either leave the park and head home, or you can cross over and go into another park area for an extension on your walk. We don’t normally add this on, but on occasion we will since it is a nice addition. You can also at the end of the extended walk see another land area with deer and a variety of birds which is pretty neat.

Deers / birds in the extra park area!

The best thing about this park though? It takes me 5 minutes to get there. Want a nice wee walk? Just go out the door and walk to the park! I will leave you with a recent video (Winter 2015) of me and Irdy going through the park so you can see more of it!

Do you have a place that you love walking? Let me know!

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