Welcome to April!

Welcome to the 1st of April! Before I start talking about today, I will let you know that I will not be doing any April fools jokes. There are enough jokes currently online today! Today is the start of an important and exciting month for me, and the start of my blogging challenge!

Day 1 of Blog everyday in April

Today is the first day of my blogging challenge! Every single day during the month of April, I shall be releasing a blog. These blogs will range from book blogs to game blogs to random ramblings. I’m super excited to see how this challenge will go. I’m super confident that I’ll succeed!

Since this is the first blog of the Month, here are some things that I plan on doing this month, as well as the next Mug of the Month!

Walking more

I adore walking. Once upon a time I hated walking, however I’ve grown to love it. I especially love walking through the Winschoten Park. In the March look back blog, I mentioned that I walked through the park myself for the first time, which made me super proud. This will be something that I’ll be attempting to do more.

I am not a big fan of being cooped up in the house. I like being able to go out and going somewhere/doing something. Walking through the park is the first step. I’m sure walking more will be good for me. What I’m also looking forward to doing though is going into the shopping street and looking around myself and potentially going for a coffee. Myself. In one of the cafes there. The moment I do that – I am going to be the happiest ‘hipster’ ever!

Today was a good start to the month, because I have already done a walk. Granted, not by myself. My partner and myself have the pleasure of looking after the puppers Spike today. So we decided to have a nice long walk through the park. Do you think he looks happy?

Drinking less coffee

This will be a struggle for me, since I ADORE coffee. However, I have no problem with having 1 mug of coffee every once and a while (hell, even if I have 1 mug of coffee every day, it’s better than what I usually have… which is 3 – 4 mugs. Woopsie.) I want to try and focus more on drinking more water over coffee. The reason for this is that whenever I drink a lot of coffee, it affects my tiny stomach and it hurts. It really hurts. Ever have the feeling of a knife stabbing you? Think of that feeling but it also forces you onto the toilet for ages. It’s not the nicest thing in the world.

Indie game month on Twitch

This is super exciting for me. Since I finished Horizon Zero Dawn at the end of March, I had to decide on a new game to play. I have FAR too many games to select from. Once I had completed Horizon, I started to think of a few ideas, however I’ve decided on dedicating April to Indie Games.

I get approached by a lot of indie developers to play their game, but I hardly have any time to try them out. April will change that. The plan is to fully focus on trying out various different indie developed games. These games will range from short 2 hour games to full length 22+ hour games. I’m really excited to start these on April the 3rd – with Pony Island to begin with.

I will probably talk about what indie games I play over the course of the month, and say if they are worth playing or not. I’m pretty sure I will not be disappointed though! Make sure to keep an eye out on Twitch to see when I’m live.

18 days till my BIRTHDAY!

I still can’t believe that it’s already April. Whenever the 1st of April arrives, I start counting the days until my birthday. 18 – to be exact. I’m really looking forward to having my partners family coming over for teas and coffees, cakes and pie and snacks. I will be talking about this traditional Dutch way to celebrate birthdays later on this month. I am also really looking forward to potentially getting some more books and board games. Most of these are listed in my Most Wanted list!

More reading

Current book: A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

Whether or not this is going to be achievable this month, I’m not too sure. However, I would LOVE to be able to sit down and read more. What tends to happen when I sit down to read is that I get side tracked with other things. I look over at the kitchen – it’s dirty – I then go to the clean it. I check my phone – my friend is messaging me – I go and talk to them. I’m such a bad procrastinator. I plan on trying to focus more on not getting side tracked and I do hope this means that I will read more.

Mug of the Month

Every month, since I have SO many mugs, I’ve decided to select a ‘Mug of the Month’. This allows me to use more of my mugs, which I have been meaning to do forever. I adore my mug collection and look forward to adding more to it.

Since this month special moment is my birthday, I’ve selected a mug that is befitting of that. I have selected my Happy Birthday Becky mug that I received for my 25th birthday. (Or was it 26th? I honestly cannot remember.) What I love about this mug is that it’s a heat changing mug. When you put hot liquid into it, the candles on the cake change from black to flames. Super cool!

That is it for now! I really hope that you will enjoy my journey throughout the following month with life goals and the blog everyday in April challenge. Do you have any plans for April? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to April!”

  1. That mug is super cool! I am gonna try really hard to learn a whole sort of things while I’m getting a job. Im also gonna try and figure out how to portion my food better. I also would like to go outside and walking but people we don’t know fly down our road. (It’s a small community type thing going on here) I plan on learning musical composition! I’ve got ideas for that. Sadly, since I’m broke, I can’t you anything for your birthday, but maybe I’ll make that up with Christmas. You never know. Also, DARN. Indie games.. If only I started a lot sooner. Oh well! I also need to keep up with twitch so that’s something I’m gonna try to do. I think I’ve figured out a decent sleeping schedule so I might be able to join in most days (nights…?). So I’ll see you there Bexy!

    1. Well for portioning food, I found that using a smaller plate helps. Cause then it looks like you have quite a lot when in reality you don’t!
      Honestly, as long as you’re around for the birthday cast, I’ll be happy. Don’t you worry yourself over it! Looking forward to seeing you around on Twitch! 😀 <3

  2. I am so curious for all the Indie games! Really nice theme of the month 🙂 and walking outside is great, but can we please kill the pollem creators?

    1. I HAVE SO MANY INDIE GAMES IT’S STUPID. At least I’m going to have a wide variety to choose from? I think it’ll be a great month!
      …. agreed though with pollen. Every single time I go for a walk in the park I need to bring tissues and have an allergy tablet otherwise I’ll just choke from it. Silly spring.

  3. Coffee is quite acidic and these days I often get reflux if I have more then 2 cups.
    Cutting back will take some effort but, after the initial withdraw symptoms you should feel a lot better with the decrease in coffee dependency. 🙂

    1. I know that when I completely cut out coffee a while back, I felt alright. Wasn’t like I was _missing_ anything as such. However I know that I do love the taste of it.. so I think I’ll be fine having a cup every now and again. I just can’t have more than 2 a day. My college self would be crying (I would have.. maybe 3-5 large Starbucks/Costa caramel macchiatos every single day….I would die if I did that now!!!)

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