Thoughts on Recettear: An Item’s Shop’s Tale!

The second game that I streamed on Twitch during Indie Game Month was Recettear: An Item’s Shop’s Tale. The game is developed by EasyGameStation and published by Carpe Fulgur LLC. I tried this game a long time ago but after 30 minutes I quit. I don’t remember exactly why I did, but I did. Recettear has been a game I have wanted to go back to and play through properly, and boy I’m glad I did!

The story

The basis of Recettear: An Item’s Shop’s Tale is fairly simple. You play as a girl called Recette Lemongrass. You are visited by a fairy called Tear and are told that your father has debt that needs to be repaid. Alas, your father is out on an adventure and won’t be back anytime soon. Therefore, it is Recette that Tear turns to to repay the loan.

Recette has no idea how she is going to pay, since she’s only ever had enough food to eat and sleep but Tear is there to help. She suggests turning the house into an Item Shop to sell and buy and haggle with customers in order to repay the debt. Recette loves the idea, and promises to work hard everyday to repay her fathers debt! She decides to call the shop ‘Recettear’ (a mix between Recette and Tear).

Here are the main areas of Recettear, and what happens in each.

The lovely city of Pensee.

Pensee is the city where Recette lives. Here you can see the various areas where you can go and explore. Most areas are just for events that can be triggered. However the Market and the Merchant’s Guild are used for buying items and the Adventurer’s Guild is for dungeoning.

Strolling around town square

The town square is available to visit all day, with events happening mainly either in the morning or night.

Praying for some candy!

The Chapel is never open at night.

Is Recette not underaged?!

The pub is open in the evening and at night. The pub is also where you can eventually unlock another adventurer for the Adventure’s Guild.

Recettear – The Item Shop

Just the beginning.

Once you get past the initial starting cut scenes, you will finally have some free reign. The game starts you off with 1,000 pix (the currency in the game). You must buy items and try to sell them for a profit. The first place that Tear suggests you go and visit is the Merchant’s Guild. The guild master will be very useful when it comes to buying armor and weapons to sell in the shop.

Finally stocked with some items!

Once items have been purchased for the shop, they but be displayed on the stands. Items that are displayed on the ‘front’ window will be classified as the spotlight items, and will attract customers to the shop.

Let’s haggle with the old man! Capitalism, ho!

When customers finally start coming into the shop, it is up to you to haggle with them to get the best price for your items. Certain customers will have a certain price threshold that they will stick to, and it’s up to you to figure it out.

People browsing Recetter’s wears!

Another feature of the shop are advanced orders. When Recette levels up more, she will eventually be asked to have items in stock several days in advanced. It is therefore wise to have these items prepared for when the customer comes in for them.

Merchant’s Guild (Blacksmith)
Time to buy some armor and weapons

The Merchant’s Guild is one of the first places you will be told by Tear to go in the game. The guild master here sells a range of weapons and armor. As Recette’s level goes up, the merchant’s guilds stock will grow also. Another feature at the Merchant’s Guild is fusion. Fusion is just a fancy word for crafting using materials that you can either buy or find in dungeons.

The Market
Stocking up in the Market!

The market is another place where you can purchase items to sell in Recettear. These items consist of food, medicine, books and clothing such as scarfs. The market will also sell various treasures which some customers love to purchase. The market is only open during the day and not open at night.

Adventurer’s Guild (and dungeons)
Let’s go on an adventure!

The Adventurer’s Guild allows you to go with different adventurers that you unlock throughout the game to dungeons. You first select the hero you want to adventure with. Next you select what items you want to bring along. These can either consist of upgrades for your adventurer or food (food is always a good thing to have!) Finally you select the dungeon and the floor that you want to explore, and set off!

The dungeon
Charme charming her way through the Hall of Trials

There are many different dungeons, each consisting of different enemies and items. At the start, you only have 20 slots pick up look, so loot hoarding can’t be a thing. The way that I survived dungeons was bringing some food for my hero, and deciding if I was going into the dungeon for just ingredients or items. Most of the time I ended up with a mixture, but I would try to have a rough idea of what to gather. While dungeoning, the hero will also level up and unlock new special abilities that consume SP.

Overall thoughts

There are a lot more little bits to the game that I haven’t went into, for example price booms, how to unlock different adventurers, announcements and store atmosphere. These elements are pretty simple to pick up with Tear shouting down your ear hole with tutorials about nearly everything. Adventurers are unlocked over time, and pretty straight forward.

Overall, I adored the cuteness of Recettear. It is such a relaxed, chilled game for me and I can lose SO many hours to it. For me though, Recettear is a game that I prefer to play off-stream rather than on-stream. This is because the game is very samey. You buy items and sell them, go to dungeons and have some events happen. There isn’t really much else to it. This makes the game not too engaging on Twitch. However despite this, I love this game. It is now on my “I want a few hours to fly by” categorized games.

Have you ever played Recettear: An Item’s Shops tale? What do you think of it?

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  1. I think this is an interesting idea to a game. It sounds like a lot of fun and something I could definitely get into! I’ve been stumped on games I want to play. This seems like a nice fix.

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