The Girl on the Train – Book review!

So I read this book back in 2016 when I was back in Scotland and planning on travelling to Liverpool for a weekend. Since I was going to be travelling by train, I thought it would be very fitting to read a book about riding in a train. Here is my book review on this wild journey!

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

Have you ever paid attention to people that come on and off public transport? Imagine what their lives are like? Well, Rachel does. She is a woman is is down on her luck with a broken up marriage and suffers from depression. She always travels on the exact same train at the exact same time. Always doing the exact same things day in day out. However, on Rachel’s commute to and from work, or that’s what she leads her room mate to believe. Truth is, she lost her job due to being drunk and disorderly. Rachel doesn’t feel right without a can of gin and tonic in her hand, or a bottle of wine. One thing Rachel does on the train is stare out at a house which houses a young couple who she has called “Jess and Jason”. Jess and Jason are only a few houses down from where Rachel used to live. Her old house is still occupied by her ex-husband Tom, alongside his new wife Anna and baby daughter.


One day on Rachel’s train journey, she notices Jess in the front garden with a man. This strange man is not Jason, but he is grasping Jess in a loving embrace, kissing her. This causes Rachel deep distress and it hurts. She thought that Jess and Jason’s relationship was perfect. The type of relationship she thought she could of had with her ex. Rachel soon after finds out “Jess”, who is really Megan, has disappeared. She feels that for some reason she knows these people, and wants to help. She has information that could be beneficial to the police. So, she takes it upon herself to start finding out information. But would they believe someone that has only seen their lives from a distance? Who was constantly drunk and depressed?

The book follows three woman’s views. Rachel, the girl on the train, Megan, the mystery girl and Anna, the new wife. Through their eyes, the book takes so many twists and turns filled with jealousy, lust, love, drunk nights and heaps of mystery. The main mystery being the disappearance of Megan. When you think the book is going to reveal the answer to this question, it changes and makes you want more.

Overall thoughts

Hawkins has written an absolute fantastic book here. It’s the type of book that you do NOT want to put down. If you do, you will start asking questions to answers that are further in the book. I honestly haven’t read too many mystery books, and this one has certainly made me want more!

Flails out of 5?

The Girl on the Train gets a solid 4 out of 5 flails!

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