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Stardew Valley is a game that I have been looking forward to for at least 2 and a half years. I have wanted to have a game on the PC that had the elements of harvest moon (for the little bit I played of it), Animal crossing (<3) and Rune factory. I was super excited when I was approached by Leth (publishing manager at Chucklefish) at the beginning of December to help him and ConcernedApe (developer of the game) with bug testing and QA. 400+ hours later (off steam and on steam), I still love the game.

You can grow a multitude of crops in Stardew Valley
You can grow a multitude of vegetables, fruits and even flowers.

The farming is fantastic. It is to me one of the main elements of the game, and it’s just a joy. Being able to design your farm any way you want it… yes please. Planning out what to buy every season, where to plant them, on top of the thrill of when you can harvest and reap on the gold… it’s so enjoyable and addictive.

Fishing plays a big role in Stardew Valley
Fishing can be a bit challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is very rewarding.

The fishing is outstanding. From playing WoW and Runescape.. or any game with fishing, the fishing in Stardew Valley is so much fun. At first, the fishing is challenging, but as you progress your skill, you become a pro in no time.

Mining in Stardew Valley
Mining allows you to gather the materials you need to upgrade your tools.
Combat in Stardew Valley
The mines are inhabited by monsters though, so make sure you head out being well prepared!

Mining and combat are incredible. Going deeper into the mines can be tough, but if you’re prepared with your food and weapon in hand, you can fend off the creatures and get your sweet ore/minerals/gems that you want to bring back to your house and possibly hoard. (Hi, I’m Bexy, and I’m a Stardew Valley hoarder.)

Social activities in Stardew Valley
Giving gifts is a good way to make new friends when you’re the new kid in town.

Social interactions are great. Being able to become friends with the people in the town, and eventually being able to get into relationships with people and having a family with them.. what’s not to like about that? And what’s great is that it gives great replayability because you can have different saves with different spouses! The back story for each of the characters in Stardew Valley is so in depth and well thought out, you will be silly if you don’t shed a tear maybe once or twice.

Story progression in Stardew Valley
Pelican Town is very welcoming to its newest resident. What you decide to do in return is up to you though.

The actual main story is well rewarding, and once you “complete” it, you can still continue on your adventures and farming life with no problems, hell you might even discover new things afterwards, I sure as hell did!

Yes, I was a tester for the game. Yes, I have played for ridiculous amounts of hours. It may feel like I’m being a bit overzealous with this. However you have to remember, I was a tester. I tested the crap out of every aspect with this game, even though there were massive game breaking bugs, errors, glitches, crashes. I still love this game. I reported many a bug, and ConcernedApe was quick to fix them.

And that’s the thing, not only is the game amazing, the developer is too. ConcernedApe works around the clock to make sure that bugs are fixed in quick time in order for us to have an amazing experience with this game. And that’s true. The experience that you have with this game IS amazing.

Minutes playing turn into hours. Hours turn into “oh no it’s time to sleep”.
You will forget about time. You will forget about sleep. You will forget that dinner was about 5 hours ago but you couldn’t’ remember because you were too busy trying to fight off 12 bats that were clobbering you inside the mines while trying to gather that 1 diamond waaaaay in the back.

So yes, I without a shadow of a doubt 150% recommend this game to anyone that wants to “escape” for days on end with what I am classifying as my #1 Game of 2016. Interested in picking up Stardew Valley? You can buy it on Steam, the Humble Bundle Store and GOG!

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  1. Watching you play the game is what made me purchase it myself! Very good purchase and would highly recommend! Great review Bexy!! Rawr!!!

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