My thoughts on Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, was released 5 years ago, in 2011 and was created by Bethesda, who have also created Morrowind, Oblivion and the Fallout franchise. I decided that it was about time that I got around to playing it. So these are my thoughts on Skyrim.

Just so you are aware, Skyrim was my first ever Elder Scrolls game that I have played. It was also my very first Bethesda game. Yes, that’s correct. I’ve NEVER played any of the Fallout games either. I do promise I will get around to playing them at some point!

So many books in Skyrim

So, starting with Skyrim, it was incredible. However, the game was slowly starting to get pretty overwhelming with the amount of lore that was available. There were SO many books and SO many areas to explore with information to be had that it was completely mind-boggling. It was a good kind of overwhelmed though, because it just goes to show how much time and effort Bethesda has put into such an amazing game and franchise.

Character creation for Nord in Skyrim

I decided for my first play through to go along the lines of being a Nord, which turned out to be quite a good choice since Skyrim is the home of the Nord, so I was pretty satisfied with my decision. I am a very big fan of games that have a lot of customization, and this game is no exception. From skin tone to chin size, you can make the character your own.

Dual-wielding a mace and a sword in Skyrim

What I love about Skyrim is how you can decide what combat style you will play as. You could be a dual wielding rogue style character, a 2-hand wielding warrior, or a magic user. But then these can all turn into different styles themselves. For mage, for example, you could decide to become a vampire, and use vampire abilities.  Personally, I went for the dual-wielding style since I love fast attacking characters. For the longest time during my game play also, I went primarily with dual-wielding swords and giving them fantastic names like ORC SLASHY FIRE THING. I am amazing at naming weapons. Which was another thing I enjoyed about the game.

One of the smithing areas in Skyrim.
Enchanting table (and alchemy table) in Skyrim

Crafting. I freaking loved the crafting in the game, and spent many an hour just going from town to city collecting ore and bars to smelt and craft weapons at the smith. I also really enjoyed the enchanting in the game, where you could indeed rename your weapon while enchanting your weapons or armor with pretty nifty bonuses like increasing your characters stamina or being able to use a weapon with fire. FIRE!

One of the many landscape views in Skyrim

One of my most favorite things about Skyrim though has to be how big the world feels. The world of Skyrim is massive. Sure, you can fast travel to various points once you have discovered them, but I find myself more or less walking to the majority of places in the game and what you can discover from doing this is fantastic. You could be making your way to point A for a quest, then find a cave, so you go and explore the cave. You could then find a random camp and kill everyone there. Might then end up finding a village and talking to everyone there. The views in Skyrim are also outstanding. Just being able to look for miles in every direction, the views are breathtaking.

Part of the skill tree in Skyrim

Another thing I love about Skyrim is how crazy the skill tree is. Whenever you level up, you get to decide whether or not to level up your magika, health or stamina. Once you choose, you then get a perk. You can save these up until you get to a particular level in one of the many skill options. From Destruction to skills like Smithing, One-handed weapons and more, you have the freedom to choose how you level up your character, and I loved this so much! The way I personally decided to level up my character was to level up enchanting, smithing, heavy armor and one-handed weapons. I also dived into leveling up speech whenever I could as well. Of course, you can only put perks into each of these trees once you get to a specific level. For example, you need to level up in game your smithing, by creating weapons/armor, in order to use a perk within. Sounds complicated? Not so much. Just very intricate which is great.

SkyUI mod in Skyrim

With Skyrim, you are able to mod the game. On steam, the community hub is filled to the brim with mods which can add things to the game, remove things from the game and tweak the game to way you like it. With me playing the game for the very first time, I wanted to play as “vanilla” as possible. However, I decided after playing for a little while, to get a mod to make the bag UI easier to use, which is called SkyUI. It’s a great little mod that turns your bag into a more grid-style layout, which makes navigating a lot easier.

Another view in Skyrim

Overall, I freaking love this game. What I also love is the fact that in reality, you can never truly finish it. There are just so many things that you can discover and do, which explains why so many people have hundreds, if not thousands of hours in the game. Of course you have the DLC too, which I did not play, however whenever I get around to continuing the game at some point in the future, I will for sure be checking these out.

A dragon in Skyrim

If you love open world games that you can just lose yourself in, play Skyrim.

You can find Skyrim on steam here: Steam link

Have you played Skyrim before? If so, what do you love about it? What was your favorite experience within the game? Let me know!

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