Sightseeing in Edinburgh

From the 10th to the 17th of August 2017, I went on an amazing trip to Scotland. Alongside my partner and his parents, we had a wonderful holiday filled with sight seeing, family and food. If I was to write about the entire trip in one blog, it would be far too long! With that in mind, my plan is to create several blogs about my Scotland trip. The first of these shall talk all about Sightseeing in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh Dungeon

This was the very first thing we did on our trip to Edinburgh. Sadly, pictures were not allowed inside the attraction. However, at the beginning of the attraction, you got “scary” pictures taken which were available to purchase it at the end. A picture was also taken on the Drop Dead ride within the dungeon. We decided to get these pictures. Not only were they amazing, but pictures are always amazing souvenirs to have from places like The Edinburgh Dungeon.

For people who are unaware what The Edinburgh Dungeon is, it is an attraction that has actors telling the story of Scotland’s dark history. The entire dungeon takes about 80 minutes which is packed with spooks, scares and laughs. There are 2 underground rides to go on (but these can be skipped if you are too scared).

The Edinburgh Dungeon is definitely worth the trip! I would recommend to anyone who wants to visit here to book tickets online. Not only will you get cheaper tickets, but an assigned slot so you do not need to wait in a queue!

Here are the 5 pictures that we got from the Edinburgh Dungeon!

Royal Edinburgh Bus tour

The biggest thing we did for sightseeing in Edinburgh was purchasing the Royal Edinburgh Bus Tour ticket. For the price of 52 quid, you get access to all 3 Edinburgh bus tours for 48 hours to ride as much as you like. On top of this, the ticket also includes fast-track access to the Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace and the Royal Yacht Britannia. During the festival, having fast-track to these locations is a must. I was asked by the woman who sold us the ticket if these are good value for money, and my answer to her was yes. They really are!

So to start off the Sightseeing blog, I will be writing in order what we did in and around Scotland while enjoying our Royal Edinburgh Bus Tour ticket!

Bus Tour #1 – Majestic Tour

The first bus tour that we traveled on was the Majestic Tour. The Majestic travels around the new town of Edinburgh, passes the Botanic Gardens and travels to the Royal Yacht Britannia. Our plan for this tour was to two it in two parts. Firstly, travel around until Britannia, visit the ship then finish the tour off.

Once again, I feel like pictures can speak more than words, so here are some pictures of the first part of our bus tour ride!

Once we finished the first part of the tour, we got off at Ocean Terminal (big shopping center). It is here that the Royal Yacht Britannia is located. This would the first of 3 big sightseeing locations!

Royal Yacht Britannia

I have personally visited the Royal Yacht Britannia many times. I find it to be a relaxing place to visit, very informative and beautiful attraction. It is also a great place for photos of the stunning location! I would recommend this to everyone who visits Edinburgh. It’s just a good day out. The great thing about the location too means there are plenty of choices for food!

Here are my favorite pictures that I took during our visit to the Royal Yacht Britannia!

The entire experience was amazing. My partner and his parents loved it. I also bought on board the ship some homemade fudge which was GORGEOUS. So tasty!

After we finished Bitannia, we went for food at Handmade Burger Co on recommendation of my auntie. My partner and myself have been here in the past and loved it. Thankfully, the place was quiet and we were able to get a table with a beautiful view.

Once we finished food, we finished off the Majestic tour. We went past Holyrood Palace and up the Royal Mile. I didn’t take too many pictures though since I knew the next day we would be going past here again.

Bus Tour #2 – City Sightseeing Tour

Since we had some time to kill, we decided to go on the 2nd bus tour. The City Sightseeing bus mainly goes around the Old Town, Grass Market, Palace and part of New Town. The tour also goes up to the Castle too, but after 5pm during the festival it skips it due to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Here are some pictures that I took during our City Sightseeing Tour ride!

Bus Tour #3 – Edinburgh Tour

On the 2nd day, we planned on visiting both Holyrood Palace and the Castle. The weather was beautiful and we hoped it would stay like that! We started the day with the 3rd bus tour – the Edinburgh Tour. Unlike the previous 2 bus tours, this one is guided by a person rather than audio. Makes it a little bit more personal and interesting. Like the Majestic Tour, we decided to do this tour in parts. First take the tour to the Palace and stop, visit the Palace and continue to the tour up to the castle.

Was going to be a busy day.

Here are pictures of the first part of the tour! (Literally 3 pictures, our stop was the 3rd stop!)

Holyrood Palace

Once we got off the bus, it was time to go across to the palace. I have visited this place maybe once or twice before, the last time being with my primary school. A long time ago! I really did enjoy the experience here with my partner and his parents however some tourists were incredibly rude! No pictures were allowed to be taken within the palace however some people continued to do so. Typical tourists!

Here are some pictures of our experience at Holyrood Palace! These pictures also include our cappuccinos and shortbreads at the end at the Palace Cafe!

Edinburgh Castle

After we finished at the Palace, we headed back onto the bus and up to the Castle. Not many pictures were taken during this part of the tour because it was just up the road. Once we arrived at the Castle, it was PACKED. This was because it was nearly 1pm. Every day at the Castle, the 1 o’clock gun goes off and it is SUPER LOUD. A really cool experience but cover your ears!

Here are my favorite pictures of our time at Edinburgh Castle!

After the castle, I was able to take a beautiful picture of the tattoo seating arena. On the night of visiting the castle, we would be going back here for that tattoo. But, that is for another blog!

Other places we visited

During our stay in Edinburgh, we visited some other places which I will just group here. We went along the Royal Mile to take in the different  shows that the Edinburgh Festival had to offer. If you ever go to Edinburgh during the Festival, you owe yourself the trip here! We also went to see Greyfriars Bobby to rub his nose! I needed to see my little doggy. We also enjoyed going through the Princes Street Gardens. Beautiful flowers and trees, brilliant for a picnic!

Here are some pictures of different areas that we went to visit!

Princes street Gardens

Royal Mile

Street performers

Museum of Childhood

Greyfriars Bobby!

These were the main places that we visited during our trip to Edinburgh!

This is the first blog of a possible 4 (maybe even 5) blogs from my Scotland trip. These will be releasing throughout the week. Hopefully you enjoy reading about my holiday!

Have you ever been to any of these locations in Edinburgh? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. You certainly packed in a lot during your time here. You will have needed a holiday when you went to Holland to recover 😀😀😀

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