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So over the course of the past few months, I have read a dozen or so books. They have all been phenomenal, so I am going to talk about some of the more recent books that I have read through and finished. These won’t be in any particular order!

Love Letters to the Dead

Love Letters to the Dead book cover

Love Letters to the Dead, by Ava Dellaira is a fantastic book, one that somewhat
hits very close to home.  The book follows Laurel, a girl who has been given an assignment to do for her English class: to write a letter to a dead person.  She decides to write to Kurt Cobain, because it was who her sister, May, loved him dearly. He died at a young age, just like her sister. She then starts writing to more dead people, which include people such as Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger, Janis Joplin to name a few and starts having a massive notepad filled with them. Throughout these letters, she talks about starting a brand new high school, trying to make friends and the problems that arise from that, finding love for the first time ever while still mourning for the loss of her sister.

What I love about this book is how it goes into depth about personal turmoil with grief, regret and more so guilt. I love how the story unfolds through these letters and by the end I didn’t have a dry eye. Like I mentioned at the beginning, the book hits very close to home because  I also lost a sister at a very young age so I could feel sympathy and I could connect with Laurel throughout the book. Would definitely recommend this book for anyone that is a fan of books by John Green and Stephen Chbosky.

Paper Towns

Paper Towns book cover

I absolutely love John Green and his books. After reading The fault in our Stars and Looking for Alaska, I just had to read this one.  The book is about Quentin Jacobsen, a boy who has a massive attraction towards his very quirky and daredevil-esqe next door neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman. They were very close when they were younger, but as time passes, so too does their closeness. In High School now, a fateful night brings them back together as Margo invites him on one of her crazy adventures. But after this, he soon discovers that she is no longer at home, and feels obliged to try and locate her. Little does Quentin know, that the girl he thinks he knows as Margo, might not be who she really is. The book is just very engrossing and it is so hard to put down once you start getting into it. Another great one to read!

According to Yes

According to Yes book cover

According to Yes is the first book that I have read from Dawn French.  I was incredibly shocked that she actually wrote books, cause I never realized (I’m a terrible person for this!!!) Dawn French, outside of books, has to be one of my favorite actors and people just because of how quirky she is.  According to Yes is her latest book which follows the story of Rosie Kitto, who is just about to completely rock and shatter the perfectly mundane living quarters of Glenn Wilder-Bingham, who doesn’t allow people to show emotion, doesn’t allow anyone to misbehave, and without a doubt, no fun. Ever. Rosie, who is a primary school teacher from England, is moving over to be with the Wilder-Bingham’s family, but she has somehow missed the memo about the rules of Glenn’s kingdom. I love how Rosie is the life of the party in this somewhat somber family, and starts unraveling the threads of their tight structure of always saying no. When the family start saying yes, what will Glenn do? I absolutely loved the twists and turns in this book, which I didn’t expect and fell completely in love with the characters. I read this book in my head in the voice of Dawn French, cause it’s just so her, with the comedy and the speech. I would probably say that this book isn’t for “everyone”, but for sure it’s a great read if you enjoy quirky funny nanny-esqe books.

On the Jellicoe Road

Jellicoe Road book cover

So I hunted for this book for a long god damn time. It seems to be such a rare book to find in the UK, and where did I end up getting it? In my mothers library. On the Jellicoe Road, by Melina Marchetta is an absolute fantastic book, and definitely worth the time and effort finding and reading. The book follows Taylor, who is one of the leaders that looks after her group in the Jellicoe school. The school have big territory wars, where they try to defend what is theirs, while she has to deal with the other leaders of the other groups, one group being the Cadets who come around every so often, with the leader Jonah Griggs, a personal that she never thought she would see again. The woman that Taylor has been reliant on, Hannah, one day disappears, and it comes down to Taylor trying to use the only clues she has from a script that Hannah was writing about a group of 5 children that used to live back on the Jellicoe Road 18 years prior. Filled with conflicts, romance, and discovery, the book is just so good. Another book you just will not be able to put down!

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