Rebel of the Sands – Book Review!

After I finished Butter, I had no idea what I wanted to read. But I knew that I wanted to read something on my Kindle for once. I have a Kindle Paperwhite and I hardly ever use it. So I decided to look through the books that I had on my kindle, and a book popped up that I thought I did not own. Rebel of the Sands! I have wanted to read this book in forever! Upon completion, I wanted more. I need to stay within this world that Hamilton has created! Here is my review of this absolutely fantastic book!

Rebel of the Sands by Alwynn Hamilton

“The world makes things for each place. Fish for the sea, Rocs for the mountain skies, and girls with sun in their skin and perfect aim for a desert that doesn’t let weakness live.”

A story about a girl who wants to find a better life. Wanting to be as far away from her little sand village as possible, Amani wants a way out. An opportunity arises for her to win enough money to leave. The competition is at a shooting range. Amani has always been good with a gun, and she knows she could win. She would have the ability to travel to Izman, a city that her mother told her about. That one day they travel there to live with her sister (Amani’s auntie). Alas, her mother is no longer alive.

At the competition, Amani dresses herself as a boy. As things go in Duskwalk (and anywhere else in Miraji), being a girl means little to nothing. Things start looking up for her when she gets into the final shootout. It is down to her, the current champion and a foreign stranger. Amani believes that this mysterious stranger is the key to her escape from Dustwalk. She soon finds out his name, Jin. Together, they head out of Duskwalk and towards the horizon. Amani cannot believe her luck that she will soon be in Izman to see an auntie that she has only heard about. But her travels with Jin soon turn out that this was not where they were originally going.

Amani is whisked into an adventure far greater than she originally expected. From talks about the Rebel Prince, to rumors about mystical djinnis still conjuring magic. Amani is about to discover that there are more mysteries to uncover about her town,  about Jin the foreigner and most importantly – herself.

“Tell me that and we’ll go. Right now. Save ourselves and leave this place to burn. Tell me that’s how you want your story to go and we’ll write it straight across the sand”

Overall Thoughts

I have been wanting to read Rebel of the Sands for ages. So you can imagine my happiness when I realized I had the book on my kindle. I was not even aware I owned it! Whenever I found out about this book, the description sold me. When I got started with the book I could not stop smiling. There was something that just hooked me right from chapter one.

I loved Rebel of the Sand. Amani is such a fantastic female character trying to discover what she truly is. Her character development has such an amazing build-up. From a girl who can shoot better than most and relatively normal, to a girl discovering that she is more than that. She is so fantastically written by Hamilton and I know I’m only beginning to see what Amani has to offer. Jin was also a wonderful character and seeing his character progress alongside Amani was simply wonderful. Jin throughout the book tries to always be there for Amani and I know that most people would hate the relationship that they were bound to have, I loved it!

Edge of my seat reading

The book took some turns that I did not expect. Whenever I’m reading, sometimes I feel like I figure things out and lo and behold, I am correct. But Rebel of the Sands was different. There were some moments that made me sit at the edge of my seat in disbelief and others that made me smile so hard it hurt. The fantasy western aspect that this book is based around is such an amazing breathe of life for me. The world that Amani and Jin have been written into by Hamilton is so mysterious and thrilling with so many secrets (I am sure there are secrets yet to be discovered!).

I love fantasy books, and Hamilton evokes something in my soul that just wants more. IT MAKES ME WANT MORE. I want to know more about the characters and the world that Hamilton has created. Hearing that Rebel of the Sands is going to be a trilogy makes me so happy, and I have Traitor to the Throne all ready to go! A brilliant book about discovery and adventure.

Flails out of 5?

Rebel of the Sands by Alwynn Hamilton gets a massive 5 out of 5 flails. This book is just utterly brilliant!


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