What is Poutine? I got to finally experience it!

Poutine is a thing.

I have always wondered about this “Poutine” dish that the Canadians seem to absolutely adore. Little morsels of cheesy curds of goodness alongside gravy and chips (or french fries).
So over the weekend, I went out with a bunch of friends to a place called “Bread Meats Bread” (brilliant name, eh?) which has been opened here for just over 2 months. My friends by this time have been to this place already 7 times. 7?!? So things must be delicious here.

So Bread Meats Bread as you can imagine.. sells bread things and meat things.
Shocker, right?¬†Burgers, sandwiches, and this Poutine.¬†I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to go alongside the poutine dish (which we got to share between the 3 of us) and I was looking at the burgers. They all sounded so nice, however I know that I wouldn’t be able to eat that much (I can only eat in small quantities). So when the waiter came to take our order, I asked him about the Cali 2×2 burger, which he told us were smaller patties.. which sounded perfect to me so I went with that! It was delicious!

The picture of the Poutine I had at Bread Meats Bread!

Now onto the main thing I was looking forward to. The Poutine. I was still very sceptical that this would be good… but shockingly, it was delicious. The cheese curds were super goopy and gorgeous, the chips were delicious and the gravy tasted meaty. If I go back to Bread Meats Bread (which I will at some point!) I will probably just go straight for poutine so I can enjoy a full plateful!

If you live anywhere in Glasgow or Edinburgh, I highly suggest taking a moment and trying out this amazing food restaurant! You can click here to check out the locations and menu!

Have you been there before? Or better yet, have you tried Poutine? Let me know!

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