Ode to a dog

I don’t own a dog. I used to own a dog for a while when I was younger.  However, due to personal reasons we had to give him up. I never thought about ever having a dog again after that. The heartbreak of having to give him up was too much to bear. But ever since I have been with my partner, I have been more open to the idea. This is because he has a family dog, and his name is Spike.

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My most anticipated books of 2017

There are so many books coming out this year. The books that I’m must interested in are either debut novels or continuations of a series. Almost all of the books I’m looking forward to are YA (Young Adult for people not aware what YA stands for.) Below is my list for my most anticipated books of 2017!

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A Day in Groningen

I love Groningen. It is a university city that I can get to by train in just under an hour, and takes about 30 minutes by car. Me and my fiance decided to do something different by going there for a wee wander, look around some shops then stop and get some amazing food at Eten en Co (an all you can eat buffet). The weather was beautiful, so I was looking forward to a little adventure here!

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