Gears of War Board Game

So me and the partner decided that we wanted to play a game together. He had a look through the board and card games that we have, and we both decided on playing the Gears of War board game. This board game has been with him since his university years back in Groningen. The games usually take between 1 to 3 hours, maybe even longer. This was my first time playing, and I honestly cannot wait to play more!

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Thoughts on Pony Island

Today on Twitch, I finished my first stream of the month. I also finished the first indie game of the month. The first game of choice was Pony Island. Pony Island was a gift to me from a dear friend. It was also highly recommended. The only things he told me about the game was that I HAD to stream it and that it would be an experience I would never forget. Let me tell you something, it will most definitely be an experience I will never forget. Here are my thoughts on the game.

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Patat Zondag (Chip Sunday)

Every Sunday here in the Netherlands, me and the partner have a wee tradition. We either do this by ourselves, or we have the family over and they eat too. We have Patat Zondag. Translated to Chips (or Fries) Sunday. It’s literally what it sounds like. We eat chips – on a Sunday – for our dinner. It may sound weird, but it’s really not. In fact it’s really filling and super tasty.

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