Rebel of the Sands – Book Review!

After I finished Butter, I had no idea what I wanted to read. But I knew that I wanted to read something on my Kindle for once. I have a Kindle Paperwhite and I hardly ever use it. So I decided to look through the books that I had on my kindle, and a book popped up that I thought I did not own. Rebel of the Sands! I have wanted to read this book in forever! Upon completion, I wanted more. I need to stay within this world that Hamilton has created! Here is my review of this absolutely fantastic book!

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April 2017

April is a wrap. And my goodness, what a month it was. So many things happened, but they were mostly on the blog. During April I was doing a Blog Everyday in April challenge. With this blog, that challenge is now COMPLETE! Every single day there was a blog. From gaming, book and life blogs, there we so many! This months review is going to be a doozey!

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