Remembrance and Liberation Day

In the Netherlands, there are various different days that have meaning. You have the 27th of April for Koningsdag, 5th of December for Sinterklaas to name a few. On the 4th and the 5th of May, these are very important days in the Dutch calendar. The 4th of May is Remembrance Day, or Dodenherdenking in Dutch and 5th of May is Liberation day, or Bevrijdingsdag in Dutch. This blog will be talking about Remembrance and Liberation Day.

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Rebel of the Sands – Book Review!

After I finished Butter, I had no idea what I wanted to read. But I knew that I wanted to read something on my Kindle for once. I have a Kindle Paperwhite and I hardly ever use it. So I decided to look through the books that I had on my kindle, and a book popped up that I thought I did not own. Rebel of the Sands! I have wanted to read this book in forever! Upon completion, I wanted more. I need to stay within this world that Hamilton has created! Here is my review of this absolutely fantastic book!

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April 2017

April is a wrap. And my goodness, what a month it was. So many things happened, but they were mostly on the blog. During April I was doing a Blog Everyday in April challenge. With this blog, that challenge is now COMPLETE! Every single day there was a blog. From gaming, book and life blogs, there we so many! This months review is going to be a doozey!

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