What is Poutine? I got to finally experience it!

Poutine is a thing.

I have always wondered about this “Poutine” dish that the Canadians seem to absolutely adore. Little morsels of cheesy curds of goodness alongside gravy and chips (or french fries).
So over the weekend, I went out with a bunch of friends to a place called “Bread Meats Bread” (brilliant name, eh?) which has been opened here for just over 2 months. My friends by this time have been to this place already 7 times. 7?!? So things must be delicious here.

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Stardew Valley Review

Stardew Valley is a game that I have been looking forward to for at least 2 and a half years. I have wanted to have a game on the PC that had the elements of harvest moon (for the little bit I played of it), Animal crossing (<3) and Rune factory. I was super excited when I was approached by Leth (publishing manager at Chucklefish) at the beginning of December to help him and ConcernedApe (developer of the game) with bug testing and QA. 400+ hours later (off steam and on steam), I still love the game.

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First blog??

Hey everyone!

Soon this website will be (most likely) teeming with various different articles from myself just talking about my life,  my twitch life and everything in between! Will be posting personal blogs, reviews, games that I’m currently enjoying and loads more when I think of them!

Hopefully this will be an interesting step for me to take, and I hope you all enjoy the reads/reviews and randomness :3