A Day in Groningen

I love Groningen. It is a university city that I can get to by train in just under an hour, and takes about 30 minutes by car. Me and my fiance decided to do something different by going there for a wee wander, look around some shops then stop and get some amazing food at Eten en Co (an all you can eat buffet). The weather was beautiful, so I was looking forward to a little adventure here!

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Women in books and games I adore. #InternationalWomensDay

Today is International Women’s Day. Now I’m not the type of person that celebrates every single “international insert blank day,” however this one is enjoyable to think about. Just looking at twitter today has made me really thoughtful about how far women have come. This also makes me think of the strong women characters that are in games and books. Below I will be talking about my personal favorite women characters that are in games and in books.

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