Avondvierdaagse Day 2!

Today marked the second day of the Avondvierdaagse. Beautiful weather and less people meant everything felt much quicker! I also managed to snap a lot more pictures in order to showcase the walk more. If you are not aware what the this event is, I suggest you read about it and the beginning here. Avondvierdaagse Day 2 is complete, and now I can talk and share my experience!

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The Avondvierdaagse has begun!

Today marks the beginning of something exciting. I mentioned it in May‘s blog. As of today, the Avondvierdaagse has begun! Over the course of the next 5 days (2 walk days, rest, then 2 walk days) I will be posting how the walk went and what I enjoyed about them. Since this is the first blog, I will talk a bit first about what the avondvierdaagse is!

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Wereldburgers – Out of this world!

So this has been a blog I meant to write back in April. However, I completely got side tracked and it was moved to the back burner. BUT NOW IS THE DAY! On the 29th of April, my partner and me went for a day visit to Groningen. We went there for two reasons. The first was to go and visit a shop and two. The second and main reason was to visit a dear friend of mine from Twitch, Nezerith! He messaged me to say that he had a 4 day weekend, so would be available to travel up to see us. I was super excited!

Now the question of where to meet. Since I have not been there in a while, I decided that the best place for us to go for food would be Wereldburgers. I mentioned this place in my Day in Groningen blog, however I did not have any pictures nor fresh thoughts. Now I can properly talk about it!

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