February 2017

The end of February is here, and I have decided that one thing I would love to do is write up a blog post at the end of every month to talk about various things that occurred during the month. What accomplishments did I do. What things did I love about the month. Did I do anything special? Do anything new? Learn anything? Also, what things would I love to do going into the next month. So, this is the start of these new types of blogs!

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It’s already #November time?

So, November is usually a very emotional/big month for me, and I can’t believe that it has already arrived. #November will always be a very big part in my life, and I will explain to you why with one very simple word. Irdy.

I give you this warning, this blog is going to be VERY mushy gushy, will probably embarrass Irdy and myself, but you know what? IT’S MY BLOG AND MY WEBSITE AND I DON’T GIVE A F*$*#@!!
You have been warned.

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YouTube and Twitch

So over the past few months, I have been getting really into creating YouTube videos, for gaming content as well as real life content. However, I have started to think about the fine line between Twitch streaming and YouTube. What are the charms and drawbacks about each platform? Would I still classify myself primarily as a Twitch Streamer, a YouTuber, or somewhere in between? These are my thoughts on YouTube and Twitch.

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