My new Onesie is amazing! (plus about my day!)

Onesie. The best thing in the world.

Perks of being a Wallflower book cover.

So, yesterday I had a lovely outing with my wonderful mother and father to try and find a suit for him. They did that while I had my nice afternoon in Costa, with my coffee, toastie and my new book that I’ve now started (I have now started The Perks of being a Wallflower, I will talk about Looking for Alaska, which I just finished, in another blog at some point!)

I get a call that they are finished, so I go up to meet them, and we go into Waterstones.. again.. (this has been  my 5th or 6th time being in a Waterstones store over the past week.. I DON’T HAVE A BOOK ADDICTION, YOU CAN’T PROVE IT.) Me and my dad shared a nice pot of tea while my mum got herself a cappuccino (I freaking love the cappuccinos that they sell there, but I just had a coffee so I went with the other option) My mum also let me grab myself some more books, so I managed to grab ALL of the Divergent series, since it’s apparently a series that you will love to read if you really enjoyed The Hunger Games books (which yes, I love.) What amused me about this though, was that 3 of the 4 books (the extra “Four” book) were on a buy one get one half price, so I mentioned this to the guy serving me… and he just told me “I’ll sort that for you!” and he gave me it with all 4 “Buy one get one half price”. Whey!

The covers to the “Trilogy” of Divergent books!

This was basically my day yesterday, except for something I did not expect. My sister was out too and grabbed me 2 things. The first was a pair of jeans that were on sale (I have 3 pairs of trousers.. needless to say, this was awesome.) plus… my very first onesie. Once I got home, I first tried on the jeans, fit like a glove so was super happy about that. Then, the onesie. Of course that fit, and oh my goodness.. it’s the most comfiest thing I have ever worn in my life. It’s so fluffy and keeps me nice and warm.

The Onesie that she got me was an adorable “Happy Little Clouds” onesie, which is amusing to me because on the bus back from uptown, me and my mum were having a conversation about Bob Ross!

Because of this amazing experience with this onesie, I will probably be purchasing more of these in the future. Sucks that summer is just around the corner, eh?

happy little clouds onesie
Me in my Happy Little Clouds Onesie!

My question to you guys is, have you ever had a onesie? If so, what is your favourite onesie? If not, will you ever get one, or is it not really your thing? Share them here and let me know!

2 thoughts on “My new Onesie is amazing! (plus about my day!)”

  1. I have a bat onesie with little wings under the arms etc. It’s so warm and soft ^-^ I’ve even worn it outside once to a fantasy fair :p

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