Ode to a dog

I don’t own a dog. I used to own a dog for a while when I was younger.  However, due to personal reasons we had to give him up. I never thought about ever having a dog again after that. The heartbreak of having to give him up was too much to bear. But ever since I have been with my partner, I have been more open to the idea. This is because he has a family dog, and his name is Spike.

Spike – The cutest puppers ever

Spike is a cross-breed between a Maltese and a Shih Tzu. He is a mixture of white and grey which makes him look super old, but he is only 6 years old! He adores going for walks in the park, as well as playing with us in the house.

Spike lives with my partners parents, however he does come to stay with us now and again. He is the type of dog that whenever you leave the house for 5 minutes and come back, he’s super happy to see you again! I love taking him on walks – either by myself or with the partner – watching him shuffle about the ground looking for things to ‘mark’. Yes I know, that’s a weird thing to love, but it’s cute!

The joy of having a small friend

Over the past few days, we have had Spike with us in the house to look after him. During these past few days it has honestly had me thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small friend in the house? Of course during the day I usually stream on Twitch, but even then it’s nice to have someone else in the house.

I am alone in the house from 7am to about 4:30pm, sometimes later. Sure, I stream during most of this time and get to talk with people online, but there is something missing – a gap. Whenever Spike is with me in the house during the day, I feel content. The gap that is missing is filled up. There is a certain happiness that comes from having a pet in the house. To me, having an animal in a house makes it feel more homey.

A pet is where the home is

While growing up, I was surrounded by pets. Hamsters (God bless all the Brownies), budgies, rabbits and cats. Of course I did have a dog for a brief time but had to give him up for personal reasons (house was too small/dog was super big.) Living in the Netherlands is the first location I have been that I don’t have a pet. A pet that lives in the house, anyway. Spike is the family dog. However I don’t feel like he’s my pet. If he was mine, I would want him living with me, but he doesn’t. I like classifying Spike as a special guest pet.

Will I own a pet someday? A resounding yes. Having Spike around the past few days has made me miss having a companion. Will it be a dog? Not sure yet. In a way I feel like I would be pushing out Spike if I did. “But he’s not your pet!” I hear you saying, and yes that’s correct. I don’t want to have a dog while Spike is in my life. In the future, sure. For now though, I enjoy having Spike as the ‘dog of the family’.

To finish off this ‘Ode to a dog’ blog, I am going to leave you with one of my favorite Scottish poems. In primary school, this was something I needed to learn to say in front of the class. All about dogs!

A Dug a Dug by Bill Keys

Hey, Daddy, wid ye get us a dug ?
A big broon alsation ur a wee white pug ?
Ur a skinny wee terrier, ur a big fat collie?
Aw, daddy,get us a dug. Will yi ?

Whit! An’ whose dug’ll it be when it durties the flerr,
An’ wets the carpet and messes the sterr?
Its me ur yer mammy’ll be tane furra mug.
Away oot’n play. Yer no getting a dug.

But daddy thur gi’en them away
Down therr at the RSPCA.
Yu’ll get wan fur nothin, so ye will.
Aw. Daddy, get us a dug, Will ye?

Dji hear um? Oan aboot dugs again?
Ah think that yins goat dugs’n the brain.
Ah know whit yu’ll get: a skite oan the lug
If ah hear ony merr aboot this bloomin dug.

Aw, Daddy, it widny be dear tae keep
An’ah’d make it a basket fur it tae sleep.
An’ah’d take it fur runs away ower the hull.
Aw, Daddy, get us a dug. Will ye?

A doan’t think thurs embdy like you:
Yi could wheedle the twist oot a flamin’ corkscrew.
Noo! Get doon aff my neck. Gies nane a yur hugs.
Aw right. THAT’S ANUFF. Ah’ll get yi a dug.

Aw Daddy. A dug. A dug!

2 thoughts on “Ode to a dog”

  1. I know the feeling about having a ‘gap’ in the house if there aren’t any pets there, I don’t know what my house would be like if we didn’t have cats, haha

  2. And in case you’re wondering about the poem, it’s in a Scots dialect. I’m her ‘Mammy’ and knew this by heart myself while she was learning it for school.

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