Midnight Sun Book Review

Midnight Sun Book Cover Midnight Sun
Trish Cook
Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Hodder's Children
September 7th 2017

Seventeen-year-old Katie Price has a rare disease that makes exposure to even the smallest amount of sunlight deadly. Confined to her house during the day, her company is limited to her widowed father and her best (okay, only) friend. It isn't until after nightfall that Katie's world opens up, when she takes her guitar to the local train station and plays for the people coming and going.

Charlie Reed is a former all-star athlete at a crossroads in his life - and the boy Katie has secretly admired from afar for years. When he happens upon her playing guitar one night, fate intervenes and the two embark on a star-crossed romance.

As they challenge each other to chase their dreams and fall for each other under the summer night sky, Katie and Charlie form a bond strong enough to change them - and everyone around them - forever. 

I love a good cheesy love story

I will be honest with you guys. While browsing books, Midnight Sun by Trish Cook caught my eye purely from its shiny beautiful cover. Through the premise of the book looked interesting, I couldn’t shake the feeling of ‘…is this just another Everything, Everything book?’. Even though I did enjoy Everything Everything, I did not know what I would think of Midnight Sun.

I do always enjoy a good cheesy love story and Midnight Sun provided that in spades. The story revolves around Katie who is allergic to the sun. But from her window, she observes people, including her crush, Charlie. So of course, as fate would have it, they meet while Katie is playing her guitar in the underground subway at night.

Determination is her life

Katie has a pretty hard life, but she is such an honest character that treats everything as it is. Even though she can’t ever live a normal life, she copes with it the best way she can. Because of this determination, Katie is able to meet the person that she has a crush on. Every night, she goes to the underground and plays her guitar.

Charlie is a character I really enjoyed reading about. He is a super sweet and caring individual and when he is with Katie, it’s like his whole world turns brighter. I really enjoyed learning more about him and my heart was so full.

Overall, Midnight Sun is, to me, a very stereotypical love story. Very clique, very sweet but I would be lying if I said the ending made me cry. It was so heartbreaking. Good book to read if you love books like Everything, Everything.

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