Little life goals in the Netherlands

Little life goals. Shopping!

So, today felt like a pretty big day for me. For most people, it would feel like a normal everyday thing, however I just felt pretty over the moon with it.

Today was the day that I went to the shops in the Netherlands… myself. Yes I know, this isn’t really a massive thing to a lot of people. For someone that isn’t a native speaker of dutch however, it’s a big deal (to me, anyway!) Ideally what I want to do whenever I’m here in the Netherlands is speak dutch with everyone. Of course, everyone here can and will understand English, but I want to be able to understand them and talk with them in their native language.

Now, going to the shop isn’t the biggest “conversation” starter, they start with saying hi or ‘Hoi’, and then you do your shopping, go to the checkouts where they will ask you if you want the receipt for your shopping (‘Wilt u het bonnetje mee?’) which you just reply Ja or Nee (I usually say Ja because I like having my receipts.) and you’re on your way out the shop. Simple, right?

I love it. I love it because it’s making me feel like i’m starting to become more independent here, without completely needing someone to hold my hand everywhere. It’s little victories like this that make me super happy.

Today was a great day, and hopefully I will have more small little victories while adjusting to life here in the Netherlands!

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