Jogging addiction

Over this past month, I have been sticking to my guns when it comes to eating healthy and doing exercise. With the month nearly up, I wanted to create just a small blog to talk about how much healthier I feel. It is unbelievable to think how much of a difference proper exercise can do to you. It’s an incredible feeling. The main form of exercise I have been doing over the past month has been jogging. In fact, it has grown to a jogging addiction. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. This blog is about how I’ve felt with exercise and how much more alive I feel!

The jogging addiction is real

Ready for action!

Seriously, if you had told me 5 years ago that I would become addicted to jogging, I would of laughed at you straight for hours while eating piles of crap. I never imagined that this would be an exercise I would enjoy. Back when I was big, I hated to walk because it made me feel super tired. The thought of jogging was just a no go, because I didn’t want everything to bounce and nearly knock me out. Today however is a different story. I LOVE jogging! Granted, I am still building up my stamina for it, but jogging is becoming something I look forward to practically every single day.

At the beginning of this month, I mentioned that wanted to start doing a walk at the crack of dawn. That has been happening, and more. Not only am I walking in the morning, but I am full force jogging. At some point this month, myself and my partner went to pick up some proper running/jogging gear. Shoes and clothing were a must for me. I did not want to be jogging with jeans and badly kept shoes. Once these were acquired, I have been doing more and more jogs in the morning.

Flowers along one of my jogging routes!

Every day that I jog, I tend to vary the route I take. It mainly consists of jogging through the park with either a long jog or a really long jog. I can vary the sizes of these jogs with looping around the park, diving in and out of different little pathways etc.

Waking up to the world is magical and energizing
A very misty morning!

When I wake up in the morning, I look forward to going outside. Not just for my jog, but to breathe in the morning air and realize that most of the world have yet to wake up. The world is waking up all around me. With every step I take towards the park, the world gets lighter and something inside me just lifts. As soon as I start to jog, it is so energizing to be warming up alongside the earth. Waking up properly with the sun has been something I have thoroughly enjoyed doing. By the time I get home, I feel incredible and ready for the day ahead!

Incredibly creepy, but super cool looking!

One of the jogs I have recently had was incredible but insanely creepy. Unlike most mornings were the weather has been either cloudy or sunny, this morning was complete fog. Mist as far as the eye could see. Was I going to jog in the mist still? Of course I was! It made for some incredible pictures along the way. The park looked like something out of a horror movie!

Jogging with Spike
In the park with Spike!

During May, my partner and me had to dog-sit our darling family dog, Spike. This was because his family were all going on vacation and needed someone to look after the puppers while they were gone. Of course we agreed to do so. The 1 and a half weeks that we had Spike were incredible, not only because he’s an adorable little poofball, but it really made my jogs in the morning interesting. If anything, I think having Spike along with me motivated me more.

While I went for jogs with Spike, I didn’t push too much in terms of distance because I knew if Spike was to constantly be running with me, he would be worn out. Poor little thing and his tiny legs! So I made do with doing a decent lap around the park and then adding on a little extra here and there. When jogging with the dog though, I wanted to make sure he got his fair share of exploration too. That means if he wanted to sniff at a log, I would let him sniff. However, I would not stay still. I made sure that whenever he wanted to go off and sniff/pee/poop (you know, dog things), I would jog on the spot, or I would do stretches with my leg.

Adorable sleepy dog after a nice jog!

Even though I had Spike, I made sure I did this every single day. I think he really enjoyed it too, because every morning when I would say “Lopen in het park, Spike?” (i.e. Walk in the park, Spike?) his little face would light up and be extremely excited to go.

Looking forward to improving my stamina
Feather of stamina, right?

Looking into the future of jogging, the main thing I am looking forward to is improving my stamina. Currently, I can jog for approximately 4-5 minutes without breaking into a fast walk. That is a major improvement from the beginning where I could go maybe 1 to 2 minutes max without dosing myself with water. Of course I refuse to push myself to the point of complete meltdown, but nudging myself more every day is good.

Not only am I wanting to improve my stamina, but also the distance. My longest jog has been 4.9km, but I want to get over 5km. There will be a certain event that I am participating in in June, however I will not talk about that until nearer the time!

Overall, I am incredibly proud of the progress I have made this far, and I look forward to seeing how it continues.

Have you ever jogged? Do you enjoy it? If you don’t jog, what exercise do you enjoy? Let me know!

I shall leave you with this picture of the partner and the Dog!

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  1. That amazing progress Becky!! Well done sweetheart. You are doing it the right way to gradually build up. Lovely having Spike for part of the time. Little cutie. Have you noticed a difference with your weight since starting your regime? I hope you measured yourself before you started so you can see if you have inches difference when you might not see weight difference as muscle weighs heavier than fat. I am really proud of you xxxx

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