In Search Of Us Book Review

In Search of Us Book Cover In Search of Us
Ava Dellaira
Young Adult, Contemporary, Fiction
Hot Key Books
March 8th 2018

Angie considers herself unremarkable. She likes history and science, running hard, grilled cheese with burned edges. But today, everything will change.

A photo in an old box, in a drawer. Of her teenage mother with a boy she's never seen before - and yet Angie instantly knows it's her father. The father who died before she was born. But Angie begins to understand that there are things she has not been told. Things that Angie now need to know, more than anything.

And so she sets off in search of her father's story. Her mother's story. And her own story. Because, she comes to realise, the missing pieces always matter.

I adore Ava Dellaira books!

As soon as I discovered In Search of Us by Ava Dellaira, I got excited. I fell in love with her previous book Love Letter to the Dead, and to now have the change to read more from her? Yes, please!

“But missing something is okay. It’s better, anyways, than feeling stuck somewhere. I’ll take longing over boredom any day.”

The story was completely captivating and I didn’t want to stop turning the pages. With mysteries about a previous life once forgotten and uncertainties about the present, the mystery excited me. It was super interesting to jump from the present story to the past story. With them also being told through different characters perspectives, it was incredibly well done.

“Seventeen years is too short to see on the cosmic timetable of our universe, of our planet, or even of our species…  ”

Angie is such a determined and strong female character. She uncovers the truth about her past. She is fully willing to do what is needed in order to find out information and to find out what is real and fake. With her story being in the present, the story follows Angie across the country to find out about her father.

But I think my heart and my love of this book was with Marilyn and her struggles with her life. Just like Angie, she is a determined individual and wants to do good. She wants to do what SHE wants to do and not be controlled by her mother who wants her to act. But it’s not what she wants to do. She just wants to live a normal life where she can actually go to college and get a good job. When he starts falling in love with James, an African-American boy who lives in her apartment complex, Marilyn’s strong will allows her to follow her heart.

“The funny thing about beauty, James writes, is that in no way does its presence negate the truth of suffering, of injustice, of pain, but it does stand stalwart in its own right, as its own truth.”

I loved how much love she and James shared and I really loved how the story progressed with them. I definitely prefer reading their lives over Angies. But I did also enjoy Angie and her problems.

Overall, In Search Of Us is an incredibly raw and emotional book. It feels super real and I am fairly certain that certain people could relate to it. Trying to find out about family you may never have met before. The way Dellaira writes really brings on emotions that you didn’t know you were holding in. A good book to read that is fully wholesome with love, mystery, and truth.

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