My brain is completely mush. In a good way, of course – but it is mush! I have been looking forward to talking openly about this for months! As of 14th of September 2017, I can now say that I have a job! What is this job you may ask? Well read further and you shall find out. Trust me, my new job is so surreal but awesome!

I have my partner’s boss to thank

Before I talk about what the job actually is, I need to mention this first. This job would not be possible without my partners boss. When my partner discussed with his boss that I would like to have some sort of job, he was open to figuring out something I could do. Sure, I could have relearned how to do code (which may still be something to consider in the future), but his boss is also aware of one of my passions – cooking.

One of the companies that my partners work manages is the website for Cookinglife. It is a cooking site which sells a variety of top end cooking appliances. From spoons to mixing bowls and kettles, it has it all. I have personally acquired quite a few items from here over the past few months due to my partner. I love the website and the stuff they sell so much! So with these two things in mind, it made my partners boss think of a perfect job for me.

I love cooking? Tick. I love their Cookinglife products? Tick. How could this be put together into one thing?


Simple – I will become the hostess of the physical Cookinglife shop! What will this job entail then? I will be going into the cooking shop and into their live kitchen section. Here, I will be cooking up a variety of different dishes to share out with customers to taste while they browse the cooking wears. I will also be showcasing appliances that the shop sells, and this in turn will hopefully entice people to purchase them.

So in a nutshell, I will be cooking live with Cookinglife products and showing them off to potential customers. What I’ll be cooking is entirely up to me. From soups to baking muffins, the kitchen is literally my oyster. I’ll be able to cook seasonal food during times like Christmas and Easter, and eventually cater to what the customers like.

It literally is a tailor-made job just for me and I am seriously still in shock about the whole thing!

Another aspect of the job will involve me commentating while cooking. I will be explaining what I am doing and with what I am making it with. For example, if I’m cooking muffins, I will talk about what ingredients I am using, how long I’ll cook them for, how to check if their perfect etc. I will also be explaining WHY I am using certain things.

Because of this, there will be times that I am sent off for training to learn about different products Cookinglife sells. This will allow me to explain why this particular item is better than this item. Hopefully this will help people decide what appliance they want to purchase easier!

Getting more confident with Dutch

Now I know a lot of you may be thinking, will I have to be constantly talking Dutch? Well yes and no. The great thing about where I will be working, is that it is located in Groningen – a university city. This means that the majority of people here do speak English. The store does however bring in people from places like Germany.

Even though I know I could speak English just fine, the plan is for me to use this job as a chance to improve and grow more confident speaking Dutch. Before I start the job, I will be practicing various “phrases” and different scenarios that could happen within the shop with my partner. What the plan is to introduce myself to customers and mention that I am from Scotland and learning Dutch, in Dutch. Then I can if I need to go into English and if I can, explain some things in Dutch / mention what this thing is in Dutch. From there, I need to grow more into the language.

Signing contract at the beginning of October

I will be signing my 0 hour contract at the beginning of October. I am getting this contract because it is the most flexible for me and it means I will be paid for the hours I work, which is perfect for now! While living in the Netherlands, I have never been expected to work full-time. However, any extra money I am able to get from a job will be super helpful for more independent living as well as saving up for future events (like, I don’t know… wedding planning?).

The plan for the job is to work on Fridays and Saturdays (the current busiest times of the week for the shop). Right now I am not 100% how many hours I will be working, but I am sure it’ll be something I work up. There may be other days I work on, like Sundays and Thursdays, but that will be later on.

Keeping an open-mind

Although I do have this job, and I will be getting my contract soon, there is no guarantee that this will be a long-term job. It is a completely new area that my partners boss (and I guess I should really say my boss now!) is entering. It may not work out for a variety of reasons. Maybe it doesn’t bring in more customers to the shop, or maybe it doesn’t work for the type of shop. Hell, it may turn out that I am really uncomfortable doing the job and can’t handle doing it. Various things could happen. But what do I have to lose?

At the end of the day, this is an incredible opportunity for me to get out there and get experience working in the Netherlands. I am also sure that if things don’t work out, there will always be something else for me!

I am so excited to get started!

This job is going to be such an eye-opening and exciting chance to learn and grow. I owe so much to my partner and his boss for the opportunity. If I am honest, I do feel slightly nervous about everything. But I do think hat is a normal feeling to have when something new is about to happen. I’m about to dive head first into a new world.

I am just excited to get started!

4 thoughts on “I HAVE A JOB!”

  1. Good luck with the job Becky. A million miles (not technically meaning distance) from what you (or we) would have envisioned you doing.

    1. Yeah I know. Once upon a time I wouldn’t of dreamed of working with food, but now it’s one of my greatest pleasures! 😍😍

  2. That’s still so awesome that you got the job! You’re right, it is really a job made for you which is exciting! At least you get to do something you enjoy! By the way, I’m back.

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