French Omelette Technique

I love omelettes. There is a certain joy about cooking them for my partner and myself. He adores my omelettes with cheese and ham blocks (or bacon!) The omelettes my auntie creates for us are also delicious. There is just something super satisfying about eating them. However I was curious about other forms of omelettes. So I had a little search online as to what different varieties of omelettes there are, and lo and behold I came across the French Omelette. With only 3 ingredients needed, of course I was going to give these a try!

What is the different between a French omelette and a normal omelette?

There is a very definite difference between a French omelette and a normal omelette, known more as an American omelette. With an American omelette, you beat the eggs a bit to break up the yolk and pour them onto a pan. You then leave them to form while adding various other ingredients on top of the eggs, like cheese, ham etc. The omelette is then usually folded in two and served.

With a French omelette, there is only a few ingredients. Eggs, salt, a little water and butter. The french LOVE their butter. With the French omelette, you whisk the mixture until a liquid consistency is produced. There should not be any whites showing.  Butter is then placed onto the pan and the eggs go on at a medium to high heat.

3 stages

Unlike an American omelette where you let them sit to firm, you instantly start to ‘scramble’ the eggs. Doing this is easy with a spatula and stirring in either a figure of 8 motion or in circles which constantly shaking the pan to make sure all of the runny egg goes onto the pan. You then spread all of this egg out into an even layer.

Another change from the American omelette is the next step. You then gently fold/roll the omelette over a third of the way and then fold the other side back over so that the seem is on top. It is very shapeable at this point so don’t worry if this messes up. It can be shaped easily while still in the pan. Before being served on plate, a bit more butter is added in and around the omelette to lubricate it and give it a nice shine.


When serving an American omelette, there is no special way of doing this. The omelette is placed onto a plate and boom, finished. With a French omelette, there is more care taken. To give it the authentic French look, the omelette is served seam side down onto a plate. This makes the omelette look clean. A little bit more butter can be spread on top to give it more shine. Like I said, the French LOVE butter!

Now I have told you the differences, this is my step by step guide to create the perfect French Omelette!


Since this is a Frence omelette, there are only 3 ingredients present in making it.

  1. 3 medium eggs
  2. 1 tsp water
  3. Pinch of salt
  4. Butter for cooking.
    – Compared to the picture, I decided not to use the butter shown. I used my normal Blueband blue butter which is great for cooking.


  1. Break the eggs and discard the shells.
  2. Add the tsp of water and a pinch of salt. Whisk the mixture until a liquid consistency is acquired. There should be no whites showing.
  3. Heat up butter in the pan on medium to high heat. Add the eggs before it starts to bubble.
  4. Start to stir the eggs as soon as they hit the pan. Constantly stir and shake in either a figure of 8 motion or in circles (I did a mixture of the two)
  5. Turn the heat down to low. Spread out the eggs onto the pan until an even layer is formed.
  6. Turn the heat off. Gently fold the egg over twice, leaving a little bit left. Fold the remainder over the top. This should give you a seam along the top of the omelette.
  7. Add some extra butter around the omelette and leave to lubricate the omelette. 30 seconds – 1 minute should be fine.
  8. Carefully plate up the omelette. A plate over the top of the pan and turning over is a good method, or just using a flat spatula to flip it over onto the plate.
  9. Optional: Add a little bit more butter on top to give the omelette more shine. I also added a little bit of dried parsley for presentation.
  10. Serve with either a little salad or greens. I personally used some leftover potato salad. Delicious!
So light and fluffy!


The French omelette compared to a normal American omelette has such an amazing flavor. Even though it is only 3 ingredients, the airyness of it is uplifting. It tastes beautiful. This will be a great way to start any morning, or for a tasty brunch.

Have you ever had a French Omelette? What do you think of them? If you try this recipe, let me know how it went!

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