Fluffy’s Revolution Book Review

Fluffy's Revolution Book Cover Fluffy's Revolution
Ted Myres
Science Fiction, Fiction
Black Rose Writing
April 4th 2019
Kindle Edition

It's 2135. Fluffy is a super-intelligent GAB (Genetically Altered Brain) cat. Like many dogs, cats, mice, and the occasional pig, her brain is the product of genetic tinkering by humans that started more than a century ago. With their powers of telekinesis, the animals can manipulate physical objects without being able to grasp them. They can speak to each other telepathically without audible voices. Now, people have begun to fear them and to systematically capture and exterminate them. Fluffy leaves the safety of her home to look for her lost brother and joins a band of animal revolutionaries. After a series of brushes with death, Fluffy and her friends find a secret university for GAB animals. There, they work with enlightened humans to save Earth from certain destruction.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I really was not sure whether or not I would write a review for Fluffy’s Revolution. However, since I received this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review, I felt the need to do so.

At first, the premise of Fluffy’s Revolution interested me enough to want to read it. The idea behind enhanced animals who could talk and had special powers was super intriguing. And the fact the animals could talk? Was I about to experience a cartoon in book form? Hardly, but it felt like it.

“Maybe our only hope is to rise up against the human oppressors and fight for our rights.”

The book is set in 2135 and Genetically Enhanced Brain animals, or GABs, are at an all time high. It began in 2015 when mice had their brains experimented on. From there, cats, dogs, mice and even pigs have been tinkered and have evolved with these brains. They are able to talk to each other telepathecally as well as through computers to humans. They also have telekenetic powers which allows them to feed themselves, open doors and even power electronic devices. But the Triumvirate, a collective of the largest organizations in the world see them as a threat and have started to round up GABs and “surpress” them. Because of this, animal activists became terrorists and any GAB animal who did not have an owner would be exterminated.

Fluffy, a beautiful fluffy cat and her owner/dad, the Professor, live in a highrise set of flats. But when Fluffy starts feeling a call from her brother, Jack, she knows she needs to go and find him. Fluffy decides she needs to join the revolution in order to find and save jack and to save the GABs from the Triumvirate. She ventures off and meets several new friends, but also starts to get strange visions. What do these visions mean? Will she find out?

Fluffy is definitely my favorite character and made Fluffy’s Revolution enjoyable. She is a wonderful cat who wanted to do better for the world. She had such a big voice and a big heart and loves her brother with all her heart. Her love for her friends was also super touching. Fluffy is an incredibly smart cat and excels at reading and writing and loves English LIT but struggles with Maths.

I also really enjoyed Hacker, the little grey mouth who had black button eyes. He is an inventor and super intelligent and was able to figure out things super quick.

There are SO many characters though in this book. Sometimes it was really hard for me to keep up with them. Some highlightable ones though are the resistance group. Mitzi, the white mouse. Tigger, a white and orange short-haired cat and Fang, a shaggy girl dog who was once abused by her previous owners. There was also the 3 humans who were part of the resistance. Giuseppe, Rudy and Janet. Janet’s story ran deeper than the other two due to her connections with family so I felt for her the most.

“Humans are the most violent species on Earth. Don’t try to beat them at their game.”

Then you have the professor who honestly I did not really like. Sure, I liked his relationship with Fluffy … but that was about it. I didn’t really like how he instantly fell in love with a girl who he just met who was so much younger than her. I also did not like Jeremiah Epps, the owner of Epsilon. His history with animals made him hate them even though he tortured a cat who scratched his eye out. I also did not like his commitment to his family. I honestly made me feel awkward.

Art and Laura were interesting characters but there was not enough of them in the Fluffy’s Revolution to make me form full opinions of them, but they were nice enough. I also enjoyed how Art was really into art and how I feel strongly that the cover of this book is his art.

Overall, Fluffy’s Revolution was interesting. But there are moments when I didn’t enjoy reading it due to feeling awkward. I didn’t like the human sections as much as the animal sections. Pretty sure it was because of the dynamics between the humans with themselves rather than with the animals and how they somehow kept “falling in love” with each other. I do like a good romance, but Fluffy Revolution did work that well for me on that front.

It’s an enjoyable short book and if you like sci-fi books it’s most likely one you will enjoy. Personally for me it was a bit hit and miss. Animals were fun to read about though so that’s the biggest bonus for me.

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