First week complete! Blog Everyday in April.

So the first week of Blog Everyday in April is over. I have to say, I am incredibly proud of myself so far. I haven’t set myself any challenges in a long time. The fact that I am doing this right now makes me so happy. Also writing a blog everyday makes me think up so many ideas for blogs. Will I do a cooking blog today? A game blog? Or just a random scribbles blog. I am very surprised with myself that I have not wrote more random blogs! Since the first week is over, I am going to talk about it!

How do I feel after completing the first week of the challenge?

I feel incredible. With this blog, I will be 7 out of 30 days of my challenge complete. Looking forward to writing up a blog for each day has also been a thrill for me. I wake up and I say “Oh it’s a new day! What should I write?”  The Blog Everyday in April has been really amazing so far!

How do I think of new blogs for each day?

For some days, having an idea for a blog is simple. But on some days, I have struggled to think what to write about. Or better put, how to ‘word’ certain blogs. I feel like part of the challenge is in fact having something to write about every day. That can be tricky. Maybe I have nothing to write about at all one day, what then? Maybe I could just talk about a book I have read in the past, or a dish I had somewhere that I loved. There are so many different thing I can talk about and that’s the best thing about blogging. I don’t think I will ever run out of things to talk about (even if it means I only talk about my day!)

What have I learned so far from the challenge?

I have learned so far that writing is such a great form of creativity. I always knew this, but this challenge has really improved my way of thinking about it as an ‘art’. I love being able to write out my thoughts and have people read them. It is also amazing when people agree with these thoughts, nodding along going “yep, exactly that!” Sometimes I know that my thoughts are sporadic and I tend to have a hard time writing them down, but that’s part of the fun. Being able to slow down the jelly that resides in my head just for an hour or so while I write what it is thinking about. Maybe during this challenge that is what I have also learned. To slow down my brain enough to write out coherent sentences.

What has been my favorite blog so far during the challenge?

That is such a hard question! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the blogs I have wrote and released this week. However, if I was to select one, it would have be the blog I released on the 6th of April called Leaving Behind FamilyI am choosing this blog because it really struck a chord with me while writing it. It has been the only blog that has forced me to stop writing and relax before I broke down in tears. I did have a little cry during the creation of the blog because it was such a hard hitter for me. It is a real blog with real emotions involved.

Care to share future blogs for the challenge?

I know that I will be releasing a lot more food blogs throughout the challenge. From recipe blogs to trying out new types of food. I also plan to potentially write more book blogs. I plan on creating some more reviews of books I have read in the past but deserve a review. Of course there will be a birthday blog on my birthday and I will be writing more life blogs. I will be soon getting some more things sorted in the Netherlands and I’m super excited to share them!

So my first week is over. Overall, I am happy and proud with how the challenge has been going. I do want to thank everyone who has read through the blogs from this month (and in general!) and has left comments as well! I enjoy reading through these and replying when I can!

What has been your favorite blog of the challenge? Do you have any suggestions for future blogs of the challenge? Let me know!

To round off, here is a picture of me after a long day. (Ignore the yellow stick, partner is playing with kin’ex!)

The hair… is alive!!!!

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  1. Good job Bexy! I don’t have any suggestions for future blogs, but I think my favorite one is definitely moving away from family. It just felt different and raw from the others. Although, food blogs are good too ;). I like to eat a lot. But anyway! I’m glad you’re really enjoying yourself! It’s always nice to have a creative outlet. I know that that has definitely helped me through a lot. Even the tiniest thing helps. So proud of you Bexy! Keep it up!

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