February 2017

The end of February is here, and I have decided that one thing I would love to do is write up a blog post at the end of every month to talk about various things that occurred during the month. What accomplishments did I do. What things did I love about the month. Did I do anything special? Do anything new? Learn anything? Also, what things would I love to do going into the next month. So, this is the start of these new types of blogs!

Crazy life changing month.

February was a really important month for me. I expected this month to fly by, and lo and behold, it did! So many awesome things happened this month which makes me feel incredible and ready for the future.

Important things that happened

I went back to Scotland for two weeks. During these two weeks, I had to really focus on what items I wanted to bring back to The Netherlands. If I left something there it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world however, I wanted to make sure I brought items that meant something to me. This included:

  • More books! (So… many…. books…)
  • Random convention swag from past PAX events and EGX.
  • Lootcrate items that were just chilling inside boxes.
  • My baby electric guitar. I love this thing with all my heart, and I needed to bring it over! I had to purchase a hard case to bring it over but it was worth it!
My baby electric guitar!

My darling came to Scotland! He came over for the final week. This made my final week in Scotland really memorable and weirdly relaxed. When he came over, we mainly just relaxed the entire week. I needed this. We also ate a lot of food, and I mean… a LOT of food. Granted, this was mainly with family and friends which was good however… SO MUCH FOOD!

Talking about food too, during my partner and me being in Scotland, we had a big family and friends dinner. 19 people came and it was super amazing! The food was brilliant and the conversation was awesome. We went for drinks afterwards. Will always have fond memories of this day!

I OFFICIALLY MOVED TO THE NETHERLANDS! I don’t think I can emphasis how much this actually means to me. I’ve been going back and forth between the Netherlands and Scotland for over a year every 3 months. Finally I can stay in one spot! I am currently in the process of getting registered here with some silly minor complication with my birth certificate, according to the “law” my birth certificate is out of date! I’m not born yet!

Books I read in February

I tend to read a lot more when I’m travelling around than when I am sat in one place. This was not so true for February. Let’s be honest though, I didn’t really have time to read while trying to figure out what life items I desperately needed to bring back to The Netherlands. However, I did manage to get through two books, which I was super happy about.

The first was The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. An absolute fantastic book which I will update here once I have written a review/blog about it. Yes, I have been slacking with writing stuff as of late, but I’m going to try my best to write more! I felt this would be a very fitting book for me to read considering what February since the book is set in seventeenth century Amsterdam. I found the book to be an absolute brilliant read, and look forward to reading more from Jessie in the future!

The second book I read this month was This Savage Song by Victoria (V.E) Schwab which I finished literally a day before the end of the month. Took me a while to read this one since I was moving and getting settled back into The Netherlands, however I finished it! I’ve been meaning to read books by Victoria for a long time now and finally I got around to one of many. I absolutely ADORED this book! I will be writing up a blog / review about this soonTM and I’m super excited about it!


Board / Card games I’ve played this month

February was actually an amazing month for playing board games. Not only with my dear Irdy, but also with friends! While I was in Scotland, I  had a lot of fun playing games like UNO and Exploding Kittens NSFW edition! Also, back in the Netherlands, Irdy and me played the board game Istanbul, which is a strategy economics style game. It took a little while to set up and learn, however once we got into it it was super fun! I lost. I will get him back one day!


Looking into March

There are quite a few things that I want to do in March. I do feel that March is going to be a nice and chill month. It will give me time to get things done that I’ve wanted to do for a while (or procrastinate them more. Sounds more realistic.)

I’m looking forward to being able to get myself settled in The Netherlands and not worry about travelling every three months. I’m also looking forward eventually getting officially official for me to be a permanent resident of The Netherlands! Once that is done, I’ll be getting my bank account and everything sorted towards getting some part time job for stable income. Of course I am going to continue streaming on Twitch, but it will be nice to have some stable income.

First book of March

For March, I wanted to kick things off with a YA novel that doesn’t have any links to a series. I have several books to choose from, and decided on starting Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. A very good book about falling in love, and I’m super excited to getting stuck into it!

Eleanor & Park
Coffee + Eleanor & Park = Love!
More cooking recipes

Another thing I want to do in March is trying out  more food recipes. I absolutely adore cooking, and I do most of the cooking in the house, but there is only so much schnitzel and pizza you can have until I’m craving something new. I have already been taking full advantage of my slow cooker, and plan on continuing trying out more recipes from that. I’m also looking for more recipes in general, and I’m sure I will report to you what I try out!

Slow cooker Sweet and Sour Chicken!
Slow cooker Sweet and Sour Chicken!

Overall, March is going to be an overall good month of relaxing, feeling more stable, staying in one location and hopefully reading and doing more little bits here and there. Either way, I’m looking forward to it.

Hello March!

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