Dragon Boat Racing!

So I got to experience for the first time a Dragon Boat race. It was really enjoyable to watch, and I hope at one point I might even be able to participate!

The teams that were participating in the dragon boat race were groups from around the local area, including pub workers, shops and the fire department. We were there mainly to see the fire department team, since Irdy’s sisters husband was part of the team! In fact, he was the man using the drum!

Watching the event was really thrilling, with the beat of the drums trying to make the rowers row faster, and watching each boat racing against each other for glory (and of course fun.)

Here are some pictures from the event, and a video that I released on YouTube of the races!

Pictures from the dragon boat racing event
The Dragon boat
The Fire department dragon boat racing team!
The team in the boat
Video of the Dragon boat racing!

Have you ever seen/been/participated in a Dragon Boat race event? Let me know!

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