Scotland Plans!

Over on Twitter, I have been raving on about my upcoming trip to Scotland. This holiday will be made extra special because my partner and his parents shall be accompanying me. My family will finally get to meet my partners parents in person for the first time. I am also really looking forward to showing them my home country. So I’ve decided to write a bog about my Scotland Plans!

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July 2017

Did this month even exist? I swear it feels like I’ve only just posted about June, and here we are! July was a fantastic month, with many different things taking place. There were some ups, there were some downs, but overall this month was incredible. One things for sure, I am super proud of myself with how many books I read! This is my July 2017 wrap up blog!

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Dancing Show Evening

Where I live now, there is a local theater that is called De Klinker (The Klinker, there is really no translation for it). Many different performances take place here throughout the year. I enjoy going onto the website now and again to see if anything interesting catches my eye. Recently, something did! A local dancing show was going to take place on the 14th and 15th of July, and I really wanted to go.

So I did. This blog talks about the dancing show evening!

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Nacht Van Winschoten

During the summer, a week long celebration takes place with a variety of  events taking place. The Nacht Van Winschoten is the first of these main events. The second is a dancing night (primarily with djs and loud wub wub music) and the third is for children. Since the first event interested me the most, I wanted to spend some quality time there this year. This blog will talk about what me and my family did during Nacht Van Winschoten!

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