Thoughts on Journey

There has been one game on my to play list that I have wanted to play for a long time. That game is called Journey. I have heard nothing but amazing things about it. People have called it the game of the year, a must play and an experience that people need to have at least once in their life. A game developed by thatgamecompany and published by Sony for the PS3 on March 13th 2012. Later released for PS4 on July 21st 2015.

Finally, I can now say that I have completed it. What did I think? Here are my thoughts on Journey! This will be spoiler-free.

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Thoughts on Blackwood Crossing

Blackwood Crossing is a game developed by PaperSeven LTD and published by Vision Games Publishing LTD. I recently got around to playing this wonderful game which I received through Keymailer. When I read up about this game, it sold me. Adventure game? Yes! Indie game? Of course, perfect for Indie Game Month. Female Protagonist?! Sold! Here are my thoughts on Blackwood Crossing.

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