Sweet and Sour Chicken Slow cooker Recipe

If you haven’t read my love for my slow cooker blog yet, I suggest you go and read it first here. This sweet and sour chicken recipe is one of my go-to dishes for the slow cooker. This recipe originated from my favorite slow cooker book. Below I will share with you what ingredients you need, and how to prepare everything!

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What is Poutine? I got to finally experience it!

Poutine is a thing.

I have always wondered about this “Poutine” dish that the Canadians seem to absolutely adore. Little morsels of cheesy curds of goodness alongside gravy and chips (or french fries).
So over the weekend, I went out with a bunch of friends to a place called “Bread Meats Bread” (brilliant name, eh?) which has been opened here for just over 2 months. My friends by this time have been to this place already 7 times. 7?!? So things must be delicious here.

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