Carrot Cake Cupcake Recipe!

I have never made carrot cake before¬†which surprises me. I absolutely love how light and flavorful carrot cakes can be. The icing on a carrot cake is also one of my favorite parts (even though I can’t eat too much of that, super sweet!) My partner and me will occasionally buy carrot cake from the supermarket and have a little slice ¬†along with some tea or coffee in the evening. A really nice to treat to round off the day. After doing some research into what makes a wonderful carrot cake, I decided to give it a try!

I opted for making carrot cake cupcakes rather than a full loaf so it was easy to share among family and my partners work colleagues. I will share what ingredients are required and how to create these delicious carrot cake cupcakes!

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Trying new food

This has been a weekend of new adventures. Mainly trying new food! Two new things in fact. The first new food happened on Saturday. Every Saturday here in Winschoten, a market comes to life that provides various items and food. So much food! This one food van in particular I have seen several times while living here, but have never stopped by. My partner decided it was time to try something from it. He has had the pleasure of eating these many times before, however until now I have never heard of such a thing. It was called a ‘Bapao’.

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Cottage Pie Recipe!

I absolutely adore cottage pie. There are always debates that happen between a Cottage pie and a Shepard’s pie. It’s pretty simple. A shepard’s pie contains lamb mince. A cottage pie contains beef mince. Whenever I have extra potatoes and mince in the house, I will always try to make this hearty dish. Here is what you will need to make my style of cottage pie! My cottage pie has a special layer of carrots mash, alongside peas and carrots in the mince mixture and a creamy cheesy mash. Yum!

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Patat Zondag (Chip Sunday)

Every Sunday here in the Netherlands, me and the partner have a wee tradition. We either do this by ourselves, or we have the family over and they eat too. We have Patat Zondag. Translated to Chips (or Fries) Sunday. It’s literally what it sounds like. We eat chips – on a Sunday – for our dinner. It may sound weird, but it’s really not. In fact it’s really filling and super tasty.

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