Review of Knorr Chicken Tikka Masala!

While doing the shopping with my partner, we were wanting to pick up another box meal. These box meals usually include spices, rice and pasta, depending on the type of meal. The normal box meals we would pick up various between chicken siam and chicken tandoori.  Instead, we decided to go for something different and new to hopefully “spice” things up. Knorr Chicken Tikka Masala! Unlike the other boxes, the box showed all the ingredients provided which made it look really cool.

We decided to give it a try. So here is my review and method for the Knorr Chicken Tikka Masala box!

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Wereldburgers – Out of this world!

So this has been a blog I meant to write back in April. However, I completely got side tracked and it was moved to the back burner. BUT NOW IS THE DAY! On the 29th of April, my partner and me went for a day visit to Groningen. We went there for two reasons. The first was to go and visit a shop and two. The second and main reason was to visit a dear friend of mine from Twitch, Nezerith! He messaged me to say that he had a 4 day weekend, so would be available to travel up to see us. I was super excited!

Now the question of where to meet. Since I have not been there in a while, I decided that the best place for us to go for food would be Wereldburgers. I mentioned this place in my Day in Groningen blog, however I did not have any pictures nor fresh thoughts. Now I can properly talk about it!

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French Omelette Technique

I love omelettes. There is a certain joy about cooking them for my partner and myself. He adores my omelettes with cheese and ham blocks (or bacon!) The omelettes my auntie creates for us are also delicious. There is just something super satisfying about eating them. However I was curious about other forms of omelettes. So I had a little search online as to what different varieties of omelettes there are, and lo and behold I came across the French Omelette. With only 3 ingredients needed, of course I was going to give these a try!

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Easter Sunday with Gourmetten!

First of all, Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it! I remember back when I was a child that it was a big time of year for me. Every year my sisters and my mother and nana would go to a wonderful farm to paint eggs, roll them down the hill, ride on horses and look at baby chickens (and of course eat ALL of the chocolate eggs!) It was a wonderful time of year for me. Now that I am am older, I do not celebrate it like I used to but that is fine. I have fond memories that I will cherish forever. Since I now live in the Netherlands, a very typical thing to do for Easter  is gourmetten. In this blog I will be talking about what and how to do it!

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