A Darker Shade of Magic – Book Review!

Finally I have finished this book. It took me forever to complete due to life being crazy (getting registered in the Netherlands, getting everything set up here to name only a few things.) I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book though. It got me super excited to continue on to the next book in trh trilogy, A Gathering of Shadows (which currently I am making my way through!) Here are my thoughts and review for A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab.

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Eleanor & Park – Book Review!

My first full book that I’ve finished in the Netherlands. I’m super happy that I’ve finally got through this one. I bought this book on the basis of “If you enjoyed The Fault in our Stars, you will like THIS book”. Also turns out that John Green recommended this book as well. Brilliant! Here is my review and thoughts on this wonderfully heart warming story of Eleanor & Park.

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This Savage Song – Book review!

I was looking forward to reading This Savage Song for a long time. Finally,  I got around to the book while travelling back to Scotland. It took me a while to finish the book because of travelling, however I did. I LOVED this book! Love love LOVED it! Here is my review and thoughts on this fantastic book.

~Will contain minor spoilers~

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My most anticipated books of 2017

There are so many books coming out this year. The books that I’m must interested in are either debut novels or continuations of a series. Almost all of the books I’m looking forward to are YA (Young Adult for people not aware what YA stands for.) Below is my list for my most anticipated books of 2017!

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