Bookish “This or That” Tag!

For a little something different, I’ve decided to take up a bookish “This or That” tag! I’m hoping that this will be the first of many here on the blog and I really hope that you guys enjoy reading!

Original tag and rules

This was an open tag from the wonderful Faye over on Daydreamersthoughts, so please go and check her out, she is wonderful! The rules of the tag is to pick either “this or that” from the choices. Pretty self-explanatory.

Audiobook or Text Book

An incredibly simple choice for me. Considering that I have still never listened to an audio book, a text book is my answer. Would I love to listen to an audio book at some point? Of course I would! But I have an in-gut feeling that I may not connect as much as I do while reading a text book. I also love the feeling of holding a book, it feels amazing!

Paperback or Hardback

It really depends for me. If the only available copy of a book I want is in hardback, then I would go hardback. But my favorite would be paperback. I much prefer them because they are easier to pack and transport. They are also lighter!

Fiction or Non-Fiction

I adore reading and learning about new things, but fiction wins this by a landslide. Fiction has always been my favorite style of book. I enjoy reading about make believe places and people and immersing myself in their worlds. There are so many fiction books that I wish I could live in.

Bookshop or Online

Honestly, this question makes me sad. If I still lived in Scotland, my choice would be Bookshop. I think overall my choice WOULD be bookshop, but I need to be realistic and pick Online now. Since I now live in the Netherlands, I find it super hard to find books I want to read. The bookshop that I have near me only has a tiny section of English books and none of these interest me sadly. The city an hour over may have more choices, but I don’t have the freedom to travel there yet! Online allows me look up books, quickly see what people think of the book and have them delivery straight to my door!

This question may change in the future though if I discover more places with English books. Because nothing will beat buying a book from a bookshop. I miss my Waterstones 

Standalone or Trilogy

This is tricky for me! There are SO many trilogies that I absolutely adore. Shades of Magic, Hunger Games and The Sin Eater’s Daughter to name a few. But I think my answer would have to go with standalone. While reading a standalone, I sort of enjoy the fact that I don’t need to have my heart-broken on several occasions waiting for the next book. It is the most painstaking feeling ever! I also love how standalone books tend to not overstay their welcome, some books need only 1 book in their world.

Heavy & Long or Short & Sweet

Now this really depends on how “long” and “short” these books are! If we’re talking a short book of 300 pages, then Short & Sweet would win this. Since I am a fairly slow reader (even though I have proven to myself I can read fast!), I prefer shorter books. I have of course read longer novels before and they have been amazing, but they take me forever to finish! I love the feeling of getting attached to a character and getting super emotional throughout the book. If that lasted more than 300 pages, it would break me up inside!

Reading Somewhere Cosy or In the Sun

Since I burn like crazy, the easy choice here is Reading Somewhere Cosy. I absolutely adore reading in my living room wrapped up in blankets, coffee in hand. One day I really hope to have a wee reading nook somewhere in my house, but the couch works just fine! Being able to just lose yourself in a book feeling comfortable is a great feeling. It honestly enhances the reading experience tenfold!

Hot Chocolate or Coffee

Coffee. No questions asked. Although during Winter I do enjoy a nice steamy cup of the chocolate variety! I have loved coffee for a long time and it really helps me in the morning to concentrate and start my day off right. Recently I have actually been homemaking cappuccino and having that alongside my book and it tastes delicious! A nice sprinkling of coco on top makes it even tastier. Over the past few months I have tried to reduce the amount of coffee I drink, but I will never say no to a mug while reading!


Since I have never done a blog tag before, I am really not quite sure who to tag. These are a few wonderful people who I’m sure will enjoy this tag, but feel free to do this if you want to!

Georgi at Niffler Reads! (@niffler_reads)
Hannah at Hannahbanana98! (@MB1098)
Lauren at The Bookish Fairy Blog! (@tbookishfairy)

If you decide to join in the tag, let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Bookish “This or That” Tag!”

  1. What a great tag! I feel like we’re going to have quite a lot of the same answers haha. Thanks so much for tagging me!
    (Ps – homemade cappuccino sounds amazing.)

    1. Yeah I feel like the majority of my answers are normal 🙈 I look forward to reading your answers though!
      And yeah it is super tasty and really simple. Maybe I’ll do a blog on it at some point!

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