Benice Book Review

Benice Book Cover Benice
Metin Karayaka
Middle Grade, Fiction, Childrens
Yunka Publishing
December 2nd 2018
Kindle Edition

"A Treasure Island for the modern era. The writing style is reminiscent of the prose in The Alchemist, featuring turns of phrase that offer nuggets of wisdom." — Kirkus Reviews, (starred review) A middle-grade bedtime storybook written and illustrated in the tradition of classics. While adventures teach boys and girls the importance of family and friendship in their lives, adults will love the good lessons about not making the wrong decisions when life offers challenges. Starring sharks, pirates, parrots, parents, lobster-popsters, Seabubbles, Giant Yang Yang, Little Fan Fan, aunties, sisters, brothers and friends, Benice will take you on a journey that's as heartwarming as it is hair-raising. Thrill to a swashbuckling adventure, wonder at the hidden truth, and cherish the kind of friends that will stay with you for life. Perfect for young readers starting to learn life's most important lessons, Benice is a classic adventure suitable for all the family - the sort of story that will inspire nights reading under the covers and days sailing the high seas of imagination.

I received a copy of Benice on Netgalley for an honest review.

A very touching story about love and friendship

I don’t read a lot of middle-grade books. Sometimes I find myself struggling to get into the plot of the story. Although at times I got a little lost within Benice by Metin Karayaka, I found it a very heartwarming story. It is filled with love and friendship and adventures. Lobster-Popsters, sharks and pirates.

“Mr. Ben, Mr. Ben,
     come out of your den.
     I brought you a dish,
     you should catch me a fish”

The story follows the story of Levend and his best friend Orion. They arrive on the island of Yalova, an island teeming with memories for Levend, for a private party. But the kids of Yalova do not appreciate them taking up their fishing time. A past time that Levend himself remembers fondly. To brighten the mood, Levend tries to find out if the kids have heard of Mr. Ben, a man who was surrounded by mystery and once lived on Yalova. After the kids tell him different ideas of who they think Mr. Ben is, Levend reveals that he knew him. Levend then goes on to tell the children of Yalova the story of Mr. Ben, with Orion helping too.

The characters are super thrilling

I really enjoy the characters within Benice. I really liked reading about Levend’s adventures when he was a 14-year-old boy. How he traveled with Mr. Ben and how his friendship and love for him grew. Mr. Ben became a father-like figure for him. I thought it was so heartwarming. I also really enjoyed Orion, although I wish there was more back and forth between his side and Levends. Mr. Ben is also a fantastic character, mysterious and secretive.

“You can’t ask for true friendship, because it’s not something anyone can just give. It grows over time.”

Overall, I did enjoy Benice. A very heartwarming story that leaves you with a lovely message. Love, friendship, deceit, betrayal play a major role in Benice. The way that Karayaka can weave the words in this book is truly remarkable.

“But for his sake, above all of that, be nice.”

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