Before the Storm (World of Warcraft) Book Review

Before the Storm Book Cover Before the Storm
World of Warcraft #15
Christie Golden
Fantasy, World of Warcraft, MMO
Del Rey
June 8th 2018

Taking place after the climactic events of Shadows of Argus, World of Warcraft: Before the Storm tells the story of what awaits the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance in the wake of their struggle against the demonic Burning Legion.

You know, I didn’t think I would write a proper book review for Before the Storm by Christie Golden, based from the World of Warcraft game and lore. However, I feel like I want to. I really want a hot minute to fangirl somewhat about one of my favorite worlds and games.

“Hope is what you have when all other things have failed you,” he said. “Where there is hope, you make room for healing, for all things that are possible—and some that are not.”
Anduin, King of the Alliance.

Before the Storm is a book that is set between the ending and the climatic events of Shadows of Argus (Legion expansion WoW) and before the discovery of Azerite (Beginning of Battle for Azeroth expansion). The story follows along with two of the main characters from the world. Anduin – King of the Alliance and Sylvanas – Queen for the Horde. There are moments where you see utter chaos and destruction as well as heartfelt moments.

“… but we cannot go back to happier times. We can only live in the present, and right now that present is painful.”
Sylvannas, Queen of the Horde.

There was more than one occasion were I openly wept. I have a big thing for the stories and lore within the Warcraft world, and Before the Storm really provided me with enjoyment. Both for the world and the upcoming (now current) expansion for World of Warcraft.

Another aspect of Before the Storm that I genuinely enjoyed was reading about the side characters, especially the goblin and gnome duo that loved to tinker and create. They made my heart so full.

If you are in any way a fan of Warcraft, I highly suggest reading Before the Storm. All the events that happen within the book do not happen within the game and will give you a better understanding of how the beginning of the expansion pans out.

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Enjoying Before the Storm outside.

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