It’s already #November time?

So, November is usually a very emotional/big month for me, and I can’t believe that it has already arrived. #November will always be a very big part in my life, and I will explain to you why with one very simple word. Irdy.

I give you this warning, this blog is going to be VERY mushy gushy, will probably embarrass Irdy and myself, but you know what? IT’S MY BLOG AND MY WEBSITE AND I DON’T GIVE A F*$*#@!!
You have been warned.

The beginning.

2 years ago in November of 2014, this was the first time me and my boyfriend Irdy met in real life, from knowing each other from Twitch. We hyped it up on Twitter by calling it #November. Hence why that particular hashtag is special to me! And this week (the 7th though to the 14th) is a very big one, because that’s the week we spent together. Everyday this week, I have been getting constant reminders of the things we did back then, and how far we have come since.

Hand Comparison
First hand comparison. #November

Before we met, we weren’t exactly “together” as such, because I was going through some things and I didn’t know if I was ready or not for a relationship, but we discussed that if things were to happen, then good. If not, then that’s fine, we would still be good friends. So on the 7th, that is when I went to Amsterdam for the first time and finally saw him. He was lovely, and kind and oh so cute! (WEE CUTIE PATOOTIE!) We had to hang out for a little while in the airport, since check-in to our hotel was a long while away, which was fine since I had never been in the Amsterdam airport before (which, looking back on now is hilarious to me. I’ve been there SOOO many times now!) Once we were able to get into our hotel, we just relaxed and eventually went out to explore Zaandam. I still remember we had to get me a set of gloves and a hat (I think?) from Primark, so that was one of the first things we did together… go shopping. I’m sorry I am a woman, dagnabit! He was fine with it though, he didn’t want me to be cold.

Walking in Zaandam for #November

That first night we also had amazing food that was provided by the hotel, it was by far the most amazing food I had consumed in a long long time! I think I had venison if I remember correctly? Regardless… it was super lekker!

Venison food at the hotel. #November
The 8th of November.

We had a lovely breakfast at the hotel, then went off to Madurodam, which in a TL;DR version, is a big outside museum of miniatures of various structures in the Netherlands, and it was absolutely amazing! I loved being there, cause it made me feel like I wasn’t tiny anymore.

Outside of Madurodam
Outside of Madurodam
Snert and Teddy
Snert and Teddy. #November

This was also the very first place ever where I had a traditional Dutch
meal, Snert! Or Ertwen soep! It was wonderful and filling! (Also was the
first place I tried Fristi, which honestly just tasted like sugar.. but at the time it was nice.)

We also brought along the little Irish teddy bear, who is a world traveler to take pictures of him where we would go! I thought I would be embarrassed about doing that, but Irdy made sure I didn’t, and I didn’t!


The 9th of November.

This was when we went to Tilburg to go and visit the wonderful GaryFaceman and RentalCorpse (which does seriously feel like such a long time ago now! You could even say.. it was 2 years ago?!) They were very welcoming and I loved visiting them! While we were there, I also got to experience one of Irdy’s childhood favorite cartoons, Alfred J. Kwak (Which I have now watched quite a few of… and I somewhat understand them now.. yay progress!) It’s a pretty nice cartoon series, if not really depressed near the beginning.

Alfred J. Kwak
Alfred J. Kwak. #November
 The 10th of November
Breakfast! #November

We had another wonderful breakfast in the hotel. (We didn’t have breakfast there every day, since you did have to pay extra for it.. was worth it though whenever we did!) The breakfast was a really amazing variety of breads, cheeses, meats, cereals, coffee/tea etc. As you would expect from a continental breakfast selection! This was also where I experienced for the first time Hagelslag, the breakfast chocolate sprinkles, and they were lovely! After breakfast, we were off to walk around and explore Amsterdam!

We went on a sightseeing bus, we went into Starbucks for coffee (cause… we can’t get Starbucks in Scotland.. right? Don’t judge) and we just walked around and looked at all the things. It kinda sucked because I wasn’t feeling the best that day, probably because of the weather change for me and the fact it wasn’t that warm, however it was still great. Amsterdam is an absolutely beautiful city, if not crowded not just by people, but by bikes. It is said that there are 2 bikes to 1 person in the Netherlands which is absolutely mental!

bikes for days
Bikes for days! #November

Today was also the day, or should I say night, that me and Irdy went on our incredibly romantic canal ride in one of the canal boats. This was just a lovely boat with tablets and cheese platter/wine for days and going around the canals in Amsterdam while everything was lit up. It was absolutely beautiful!

The boat
The boat for the romantic canal ride. #November

Another noteworthy thing about the 10th of November, was after some discussion with Irdy, we decided that we would indeed become boyfriend and girlfriend, by the most dorkiest way ever. We sung to each other in the style of Frozen “Do you want to build a snowman?”. He sung, “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” and I replied “Yes, I doooooo~~~” So.. there is that. Very sappy yes, but hey… I am allowed to be sappy, okay?!?!

The 11th of November.

Today was one of the days I was really looking forward to. We were going to the Efteling themepark with Gary and Rental! I was super looking forward to this, because I absolutely adore theme parks, and going with these butts was going to make it better! (Even though I will never ever ever forgive Rental for saying while we were in lines to go on roller coasters “Oh yeah, no one has died on this one in a little while”. F*#@^ YOU! Mean. We stayed until nearly ending time, and they had the water light show which we watched somewhat. But sadly it was packed, so we couldn’t get a decent view. However, the water did come up really high, so I could still see it!

Light show! #November

Once we finished there, we went back to Tilburg and looked around before we got to an Italian restaurant called Happy Italy, which took us AGES to get into cause it was busy as hell. Once we did, the food was seriously amazing and one day I hope I get to go back! I had an amazing meatball pasta dish… the flavor… HNNG. So good.

Meatball pasta
Meatball pasta dish! #November
The 12th of November.

We were going back into Amsterdam not just to explore more, but to also meet up with Gary once again, and a bunch more friends. Chibi,  and my friend Ben who I have been friends with for ages! Of course, since we are the lewd people from twitch, what was the first place we went to visit together? Well, none other than THE SEXMUSEUM! It was interesting, to say the least!

The Sex Museum! #November

We also went on a canal ride together, which was great because we just kept making jokes and having a good time. Here we all are just being dorky buttfaces! (And looking at this picture now, and looking at myself. God… I really have come a LONG way since this was taken! Holy f…..)

Left to Right: Gary, Me, Chibi, Irdy, Ben!

We  also went someplace for food (I cannot for the life of me remember the name of said place, but the food was really nice, if not a tad bit dark inside!) and we walked along the Red Light District. Now, being lewd myself, I didn’t think I would have a problem with this. I did. I felt super awkward. THERE WERE NAKED PEOPLE IN THE WINDOWS. THAT’S … weird. But hey, props to them for having the balls to do that!

Was a great day out overall, and I really look forward to seeing everyone again at some point!

Vondelpark! #November







The 13th of November.

We went back into Amsterdam to explore some more. We went into Vondelpark and had amazing pancakes at the center little cafe place. Vondelpark is beautiful, and one day I really do hope I get to see what it is like in the Summer, cause even up to today, I have only ever seen it during Autumn (which is still beautiful, but going there when it’s warmer would be interesting!)


We also went into the Van Gogh museum, which of course I couldn’t take any pictures of while inside since it was not permitted, however trust me when I say, it was great. I loved seeing all the art and the history behind the art. We also went to the Madame Tussauds wax museum. Was the first time I was ever in one of these places, and the life-like style of the wax models was amazing, if not ever so slightly terrifying. This was were Irdy also became a woman for about 10 seconds (It was the funniest 10 seconds ever.)

Marilyn Monroe
Flaunt it, Marilyn Monroe! #November

We had another lovely meal that night in the Hotel, and then it was time to start getting things organized to leave the following day.

14th of November, the last day.

It was time to leave Zaandam, leave Amsterdam and for me to go back to Scotland. It was a pretty upsetting time since we just had the best week of our lives, however it was obviously not going to be forever. Little did we know at this point that in a couple of weeks, I would be flying back over to Amsterdam only to be picked up by him, his mother and father, and Spike and spending Christmas and New Year with them for the first time ever.

It was an absolutely memorable week, one that I will not forget anytime soon, and I always start thinking back on the memories during this week.. for obvious reasons.

At the time of posting this, a few days away from our 2 year anniversary, it makes me think just how lucky I am to have such a wonderful and thoughtful and smart man in my life, who has a great job, now has a home, and just goes up and beyond everything to make everyone around him feel loved and needed and… GAH. HE’S WONDERFUL, OKAY?

Me and Irdy
A more recent picture of me and Irdy.

I just look forward to the future with him, and wonder what will be in store for us. Here is to another year of awesome with you, my dear Irdy!


Do you have any memorable moments of loved ones? Let me know!

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