Dancing Show Evening

Where I live now, there is a local theater that is called De Klinker (The Klinker, there is really no translation for it). Many different performances take place here throughout the year. I enjoy going onto the website now and again to see if anything interesting catches my eye. Recently, something did! A local dancing show was going to take place on the 14th and 15th of July, and I really wanted to go.

So I did. This blog talks about the dancing show evening!

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Nacht Van Winschoten

During the summer, a week long celebration takes place with a variety ofย  events taking place. The Nacht Van Winschoten is the first of these main events. The second is a dancing night (primarily with djs and loud wub wub music) and the third is for children. Since the first event interested me the most, I wanted to spend some quality time there this year. This blog will talk about what me and my family did during Nacht Van Winschoten!

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