One more week of Blog Everyday in April!

It is crazy to think that there is only one more week left of April. Meaning that there is only one more week of my “Blog Everyday in April” challenge. This month has been one crazy ride filled with so many different topics and discussions. I am so super happy that everyone who has been reading blogs over the past month have been enjoying them just as much as I have had writing them!

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Extra gifts from my sister!

This will be a relatively short blog today, however I wanted to dedicated it to a specific item that I received today. For my birthday I received a bunch of wonderful gifts from my family (which you can read all about here.) But I was told that I was still missing a gift from my sister. That arrived today. What was it you may ask? Well…

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Finding Audrey – Book Review!

I decided to read Finding Audrey as one of my books during #SundayYAthon. I was not sure whether or not I would be able to get through too many books, so I have not really posted much about it. Just trying to do it at my own pace. Surprisingly, I plowed through this book. It was very heart warming and so well written. Here is my book review for Finding Audrey.

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A Traditional Dutch Birthday

Since I have lived in the Netherlands, I have had the joy of celebrating many birthdays here. There are several things that Dutch people do when celebrating birthdays. One of the main things is getting the family and friends together for a night of drinks and food for the birthday girl/boy. This is what I will be talking about in this blog. A traditional Dutch birthday!

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