Eleanor & Park – Book Review!

My first full book that I’ve finished in the Netherlands. I’m super happy that I’ve finally got through this one. I bought this book on the basis of “If you enjoyed The Fault in our Stars, you will like THIS book”. Also turns out that John Green recommended this book as well. Brilliant! Here is my review and thoughts on this wonderfully heart warming story of Eleanor & Park.

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Most wanted list / My birthday list!

Throughout the year, I have always said that I have three times that I look forward to. Halloween – when all the little children are excited to dress up and go trick-a-treating. Christmas – because of all the decorations. The tree, the tinsel and the giving of gifts. I also love the massive dinner you have alongside your family, and the food coma that comes afterwards. My third favorite time of the year is the most important. It is the time of year that I can high five myself. My birthday!

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Indie games I love going back to!

As a twitch streamer, I will play hundreds of games every year. From simple 2 hour games to full blown 40+ hour games, I’ll play them until I finish. Of course if I’m not enjoying the game, I will just stop. I hate forcing myself to play a game I’m really not getting into! While off stream, I enjoy playing more casual games. My games of choice tend to sway towards more indie games compared to AAA’s.

Sure, I play these indie games a lot off stream, but whenever I want to relax on Twitch, I love streaming them. I have always said that if I am able to enjoy a game off stream just as much as streaming it, then the game is fantastic! Here is my list of Indie games I love going back to!

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This Savage Song – Book review!

I was looking forward to reading This Savage Song for a long time. Finally,  I got around to the book while travelling back to Scotland. It took me a while to finish the book because of travelling, however I did. I LOVED this book! Love love LOVED it! Here is my review and thoughts on this fantastic book.

~Will contain minor spoilers~

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